Study Description: Women who have been diagnosed as needing a total hysterectomy, will be asked to take part in a study comparing the use of 2 different kind of sutures. Currently there are 2 different kind of sutures used for attachment of the mesh to the vagina. Patients will be randomized to a permanent suture or an absorbable suture. The permanent suture does not dissolve, the absorbable suture absorbs in about 3 months. All women will still have permanent sutures that attach the mesh to the sacral bone. Doctors are not sure which is the best material to attach the mesh to the vagina. There currently is no standard being used and that is why we are performing this study.

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Principal Investigator: Barbara Henley

Eligibility Criteria: 1. Women age 18 or older 2. Must have anterior or posterior vaginal prolapse (stage 2-4). 3. Subject reports bothersome bulge they can see or feel. 4. Must be eligible for robotic or laparoscopic sacral colpopexy. 5. English speaking and desires surgical treatment for prolapse. 6. Willing to undergo hysterectomy.

Compensation: Yes, subjects will be compensated.

Compensation Explanation: You will receive up to $150 for taking part in this study. This reimburesement is intended to help cover the costs of your transportation, parking, and other incidentals associated with your follow-up visits. You will receive $50 at your 6 week Follow-Up Visit and $100 at your 1 Year Follow Up Visit. All funds will be distributed in the form of a written check or a debit card that will be loaded at the end of each visit. If you are unable to complete this study, you will be paid for the vistis that you completed.


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