TAGS:     Psoriasis; Skin

Study Description: We are investigating whether the levels of a certain protein involved in moisturization of the skin are abnormal in people with psoriasis versus individuals with healthy skin. To do so we will take small skin biopsies from normal-appearing or lesional skin from people with psoriasis compared with healthy skin from people with no skin disease and measure the levels of this protein.

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Principal Investigator: Wendy Bollag

Eligibility Criteria: 1. Adults 18 or older with a history of psoriasis not taking medication for skin disease for a least 1 month. 2. Adults 18 or older with no history of skin disease and not currently taking a medication related to skin disease

Compensation: Yes, subjects will be compensated.

Compensation Explanation: Subjects will be compensated $50 per biopsy. For the psoriatic patients, the total compensation would be $100, whereas the control subjects with healthy skin would receive $50.


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