Bariatric Surgery Translational Research

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Study Description: This study is designed to help researchers better understand obesity. It established an interdisciplinary research program based on bariatric surgery and focusing on obesity and its co-morbid medical conditions, as well as a bank of specimens from patients undergoing bariatric surgery. The specimens collected will be made available for research into the cause, presention, and treatment of obesity and related diseases. Participants will allow for extra blood specimens to be collected at the time of a routine blood draw, and samples of the liver, stomach, intestines, and fat to be taken at the time of a planned bariatric surgery. No extra surgery will be performed.

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     (706) 721-4686

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Principal Investigator: Sean Lee

Eligibility Criteria: 1. Adults undergoing bariatric surgery.

Compensation: No, subjects will not be compensated.


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