Study Description: Cystic fibrosis has many health consequences. A reduction in the ability to perform exercise in patients with CF is related to greater death rates, steeper decline in lung function, and more frequent lung infections. However, the physiological mechanisms for this reduced exercise capacity are unknown. Our laboratory recently published the first evidence of systemic vascular dysfunction in patients with CF. Therefore, it is reasonable to suspect that the blood vessels are involved with exercise intolerance in CF. This study will look at how and if oxidative stress contributes to both artery dysfunction and exercise intolerance in CF.

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Principal Investigator: Ryan Harris

Eligibility Criteria: Clinical diagnosis of cystic fibrosis and healthy controls FEV1 percent predicted at or over 30% use traditional CF treatment medications have been clinicaly stable for at least two weeks Men and women (> 18 yrs.old) Boys and girls (7-17 yrs. old) Patients with or without CF related diabetes Resting oxygen saturation (room air) >90% Pancreatic sufficient and pancreatic insufficient patients

Compensation: Yes, subjects will be compensated.

Compensation Explanation: Patients with CF will receive $150 for the completion of the preliminary day and experimental days 1 and 2 and an additional $50 each for participation in experimental days 3, 4, and 5. Healthy controls will recieve a total of $50 upon completion of the preliminary day and an experimental day. If you decide that you dod not want to be in the study anymore, you will be compensated for your time at a rate of $10 U.S. dollars per hour. In an effort to compensate patients who are traveling long distances, additional distance based compensation will be provided as follows:


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