The Tush Brush

   TAGS:     Anal Cancer

Study Description: Eligible patients will be males and females who have had an abnormal anal Pap smear result or any other reason for an HRA (High resolution anoscopy) exam. The study will compare traditional anal Pap smear collection (via dacron swab) to a novel anal Pap collection device, the Tush Brush.

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Principal Investigator: Daron Ferris

Eligibility Criteria: Subject is female or male Subject is 18 years and older Subject has previously detected anal cytologic abnormality, other indication for HRA or has indication for Anal Pap testing Subject fully understands study procedures, alternative treatments available, the risks involved with the study, and voluntarily agrees to participate by giving written informed consent Please note that subjects will not be excluded from the study for any of the following: 1. Subject is in a state of immunosuppression (medication induced) 2. Subject is a transplant patient (eg.-renal transplant recipient) 3. Subject?s HIV status may be positive or negative 4. Women with a history of CIN2/3, VIN2/3, VaIN2/3, cervical cancer, vulvar cancer or vaginal cancer 5. Men with a history of genital neoplasia (PIN2/3, penile cancer, or genital warts)

Compensation: No, subjects will not be compensated.


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