Endothelin-1 in SCD

Study Description: The purpose of this study is to find out if the medicine ambrisentan is safe and will help improve and/or prevent kidney damage that can be caused by sickle cell disease. This study will also look at whether or not ambrisentan helps improve blood flow in the lungs, reduce inflammation, and decrease pain in patients with sickle cell disease. Ambrisentan has already been approved by the US Food and Drug Association (FDA) for treatment of another condition but has not been approved for use in sickle cell disease.

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Principal Investigator: Abdullah Kutlar

Eligibility Criteria: SIckle Cell Disease (SS or SBO-thalassemia) Age 18-65 years Elevated levels of protein in the urine If taking hydroxyurea or a medication for protein in the urine (ACE inhibitor or ARB), must be on a stable dose for a period of 3 months or greater If female of child bearing potential, must agree to use two forms of birth control with one being a barrier method

Compensation: Yes, subjects will be compensated.

Compensation Explanation: There are a total of 7 visits required by this study that are considered simple. Subjects will be paid $25 for each of these simple visits. There are two additional time points in the study, baseline and the end of study, that are considered complex due to the number of assessments and time involved. Subjects will be paid $100 for completion of the assessments for each of the two complex time points. Total payment will be no more than $375. Payment will not be made for visits or assessments that are not completed. Payment will be made using a pre-paid debit card. It works like a bank debit card. We will give you a debit card and each time you receive a payment for participation in this study, the money will be added to the card after each completed visit.


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