Study Description: During each and every day, we experience single sessions of physiological stress in the form of exercise and diet, which may ultimately be hurting our arterial health. Researchers have found both favorable and unfavorable outcomes in arterial health after 1) a single session of exercise and 2) eating a single high-fat meal. Certain people are protected against these stressors and others are not. This project is an attempt to understand why people respond the way they do.

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Principal Investigator: Ryan Harris

Eligibility Criteria: Men and Women 18-65 years old Caucasian or African American by self report BMI < 35 Premenopausal women by self report Apparently healthy individuals with no known physical or mental health concerns

Compensation: Yes, subjects will be compensated.

Compensation Explanation: Volunteers participating in the exercise protocol will be paid a total of $80. Volunteers participating in the high-fat meal protocol will be paid a total of $100. Volunteers who wish to participate in both protocols will be paid a total of $160.


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