Perceptions of the OT at HOME App

Study Description: The OT at Home Application launched in January 2017 as a tool for occupational therapists who work with children. The application is designed to increase carryover from the clinical setting to the home environment, and is a resources of several craft projects that can be done with children to help them increase motor, thinking, and social skills. The intention is to provide a family centered approach to care that involves both the occupational therapist and the caregivers. The purpose of this study is to understand if therapists are using the OT at Home app since it launched as well as to understand what therapists' think about the app and if they find it to be a valuable tool for therapy.

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Principal Investigator: Sharon Cosper

Eligibility Criteria: The following inclusion criteria will be used: 1. An occupational therapist. 2. Has practice experience in a pediatric setting.

Compensation: No, subjects will not be compensated.


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