Normative and Comparative Data of Anorectal Physiology and Morphology using 3D Anal Ultrasound, Translumbar Nerve Conduction, 3D HD Manometry and Anal Endo-Flip in Healthy Volunteers

   TAGS:     Digestive System Gastroenterology

Study Description: Newer technologies have been developed for the evaluation of nerve and muscle function for patients with constipation and stool leakage. However, normal data from healthy subjects hava not been established. This study aims to evaluate normal healthy subjects using these newer technologies.

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Principal Investigator: Amol Sharma

Eligibility Criteria:

Compensation: Yes, subjects will be compensated.

Compensation Explanation: FINANCIAL INFORMATION Will I be paid for taking part in the study? Healthy volunteers and patient/subjects will be compensated $200 for completing the study. If you do not finish the entire study, you will be compensated on a prorated scale as follows: - $40.00 for completion of the ultrasound procedure. - $40.00 for completion of the translumbar stimulation procedure - $40.00 for completion of the HD ARM procedure. - $40.00 for completion of the Endo-Flip procedure. - $40.00 for complete of the repeat Endo-Flip procedure, one week later. Thus completing the entire study, with a repeat in the Endo-Flip procedure, will compensate you $200.00 total.


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