Exogenous ketones in healthy adults

Study Description: Exogenous ketone supplements in the form of beta-hydroxybutyrate can be utilized as an alternate energy source (in place of glucose) for all cells except red blood cells. Exogenous ketone administration has been shown to be beneficial in terms of reducing oxidative stress, improving neuronal energy supplies, and maintaining normal blood glucose levels. The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of supplementing with exogenous ketones for 6-weeks in healthy college-aged males and females. The results of our proposed study will allow us to determine whether exogenous ketone supplementation can be useful in promoting better body composition, energy levels, and blood cholesterol, glucose, and insulin levels.

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Principal Investigator: Angelia Holland

Eligibility Criteria: Healthy (no known conditions) College-aged (18-35 years old) Male and Females Non-smoking Not pregnant

Compensation: Yes, subjects will be compensated.

Compensation Explanation: The participants will receive $50 for completing the 2nd Exercise Physiology lab visit and $50 for completing the rest of the study to total $100. $50 will be provided at the completion of the 2st Exercise Physiology lab visit and $50 will be provided at the completion of the 8th Exercise Physiology lab visit. Payment will be in the form of pre-paid ClinCard.


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