Testing FitBit for Health Research

Study Description: The two objectives of this study are to (1) test the validity and reliability of the FitBit Blaze and (2) understand user perceptions about cybersecurity and privacy risk associated with FitBit use for health research. Participants will complete a FitBit educational session and two exercise sessions wearing the FitBit. Exercise sessions will consist of four treadmill exercises (total of 24 minutes) with 4-minute rest periods. After education and exercise sessions, participants will have the opportunity to participate in a small group discussion (5-6 people) and complete a short survey that will explore perceived cybersecurity and privacy risks associated with FitBit use.

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Principal Investigator: Heather Yates

Eligibility Criteria: Males and females between the ages of 18-55 Healthy individuals with a BMI between 18-29 Ability to walk on a treadmill No preexisting health conditions or increased risk for participating in exercise (e.g. heart disease)

Compensation: Yes, subjects will be compensated.

Compensation Explanation: Incentives: Participants will receive $25 for participating in the first treadmill exercise session, $25 for second exercise session, and $50 for participating in a focus group ($100 total compensation possible). Participants will be given Walmart gift cards purchased through Augusta University controller?s office in $25 and $50 increments. In the instance that a participant is a university employee, compensation will follow AU guidelines in the form of a check request form and dispersed through human resources. Given the short timeline of the study (less than one month), participants will receive all incentives at the end of the study based on participation in exercise sessions1 and 2 and a focus group.


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