ID # Study Name Principal Investigator
611196 Adhesive Interactions in Sickle Cell Vaso-Occlusion; Biosynthetic and Functional Consequences of von Willebrand Disease Mutations Kutlar, Abdullah
972283 3D Models for Patient Education McLeod, Shawn
611101 A Children's Oncology Group Protocol for Collecting and Banking Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Specimens McDonough, Colleen
773080 A Comparison of Two Strategies for Addressing Cardiovascular Risk Factors among Individuals with Serious Mental Illness McEvoy, Joseph
770724 A study of inner conflict and psychological well-being in Veterans with PTSD symptoms Youssef, Nagy
845433 A221102 Ghamande, Sharad
611187 ACBSC09 Carroll, James
945774 African-American Caregivers of Children with Autism Benevides, Teal
713470 Agrin/LRP4 Rivner, Michael
611105 AIDP/CIDP Rivner, Michael
1013621 Amgen Evolocumab MacArthur, Rodger
863821 Anti-TNF treatment and Cognition Miller, Brian
611147 Antibodies in ALS Rivner, Michael
1025062 Are Healthcare Professionals Appropriately Following AHA Guidelines For Measuring Blood Pressure? Salazar, William
993648 Asian Pride & Prejudice: The Relationship between Ethnic Identity and Mental Illness Stigma Fang, Shawn
975475 Attitudes of sorority chapter members who identify as female and heterosexual toward chapter members who identify as non-heterosexual and/or non-gender conforming Bennett, Hannah
611881 Avapro II Salt Study Harshfield, Gregory
684336 B-SNIP2 Miller, Brian
691977 Bariatric Surgery Translational Research Hilton, Renee
620968 BARS-LAI McEvoy, Joesph
1029130 BASE-Rx Harris, Ryan
611205 BAT Cancer She, Jin-Xiong
713091 BAT Cancer at the VA Lee, Bobbilynn
611695 Blount's and Vitamin D Isales, Carlos
611255 BMT Sample Repository Sportes, Claude
886376 Body Positions Rao, Satish
905166 Bone Health in SCD Clay, E. Leila Jerome
611229 Brain AVM study Gossage, James
710357 BSC RCT Henley, Barbara
673021 CF-AOX Harris, Ryan
611428 Cross-sectional Study of Serum IL-6 in Schizophrenia Miller, Brian
958171 CTRU Seed Grant Miller, Brian
1144776 DASH Diet Adherence In HF Patients Young, Lufei
823929 DCRI CARRA Jerath, Rita
976842 Designing multimedia for stroke survivors Schuck, Julie
611184 Developmental Gene Discovery Project Layman, Lawrence
831204 Disruption of Immune Homeostasis in Periodontal Infection Cutler, Christopher
845597 DUALAMS Postma, Gregory
989225 E2 and Diabetes Harris, Ryan
611910 Effect of Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplementation on Cognitive and Vascular Function in Older Adults Robinson, Vincent
611494 Endothelin-1 in SCD Kutlar, Abdullah
828664 Epidemiologic Survey of Laryngeal Leukoplakia Postma, Gregory
611634 Epidemiology and Risk Indicators De Stefano, Jamie
1028595 Essential Oils Effect on Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Pain and Quality of Life in Breast Cancer: A Mixed Methods Study Langley-Brady, Dawn
1014913 Evaluate-HF Weintraub, Neal
1041483 Exogenous ketones in healthy adults Holland, Angelia
965406 Expanded Access of Firdapse Rivner, Michael
701419 Ezogabine in ALS Rivner, Michael
843754 Family Epigenetics Intervention Program Shiao, Pamela
722005 FEAST McCall, William
707290 FIT PLESE Diamond, Michael
973581 FLU IVIG MacArthur, Rodger
818888 FOND-O Clemmons, Amber
611320 Genetics of Delayed Puberty Layman, Lawrence
754557 Georgia Childhood Obesity Study (GCOS) Harshfield, Gregory
775879 GOG - 0238 (Pelvic-only recurrence of carcinoma of the uterine corpus) Ghamande, Sharad
634909 GOG 0225 Ghamande, Sharad
626248 GOG 0264 Ghamande, Sharad
625140 GOG 0279 Ghamande, Sharad
785937 GOG 3005 Ghamande, Sharad
990553 GOG 3009/ADXS001-02 Ghamande, Sharad
919817 GOG 3012/Niraparib Maintenance Treatment in Patients with HRD Positive Advanced Ovarian Cancer following Response on Front-Line Platinum-Based Chemotherapy Ghamande, Sharad
888232 GOG-3011 Ghamande, Sharad
762355 GPC Miller, Brian
750415 GPR109A and Parkinson's Disease: Role of Niacin in Outcome Measures Wakade, Chandramohan
757722 GTI 1306 Rivner, Michael
856147 GU Cancer Lokeshwar, Vinata
964210 GY Cervical Cancer Detection Ferris, Daron
616274 Healthy Heart 'N' Bones Study Pollock, Norman
1037080 Healthy Lifestyle Intervention for Adult Diabetic Clinic Patients Coughlin, Steven
898305 HKB Zayas, Carlos
768334 Home Versus Office Biofeedback Therapy for Fecal Incontinence Rao, Satish
611827 How deployment affects military families Londino, Donna
611480 Identification of TGF Beta regulated proteins in aqueous humor Bollinger, Kathryn
1124165 Immune-Mediated Adverse Events After Influenza Vaccine in Cancer Patients Receiving Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Gwynn, Morgan
907405 Ketogenic diet on PTSD Holland, Angelia
611198 LBH589 in Sickle Cell Disease Kutlar, Abdullah
1022441 Literacy, Cognition, and Clinical Outcomes in Kidney Transplant Patients Mulloy, Laura
611721 LNZ IT 01 Rao, Satish
676713 Long Term Nitric Oxide Bioavailability on Vascular Health in (COPD-LT) Harris, Ryan
745218 LVIS Rahimi, Scott
1067477 Mallinckrodt Rivner, Michael
723327 MD Stem Cells Gavrilova-Jordan, Larissa
1020833 Measure of Air Quality in the Environment of Asthmatic Children De Leo, Gianluca
725451 Memory loss in subjects with and without hypertension Harshfield, Gregory
698282 Meniere's Disease Pilot Study Harshfield, Gregory
663245 Mental activity during TMS Rosenquist, Peter
877482 Mexiletine in ALS Rivner, Michael
611878 MMF Salt Study Harshfield, Gregory
707271 MOXI Diamond, Michael
947430 MRI audio and visual goggles for imaging children Melenevsky, Yulia
944642 NARSAD Miller, Brian
1028860 Needs Assessment for a Mental Skills Program for Undergraduate Music Majors Bennett, Hannah
611895 Nitric Oxide Bioavailability and Early Life Stress Harris, Ryan
985677 NMTRC 014: NMTT McDonough, Colleen
784747 NoAAC PR-02 Study Postma, Gregory
1051496 Normative and Comparative Data of Anorectal Physiology and Morphology using 3D Anal Ultrasound, Translumbar Nerve Conduction, 3D HD Manometry and Anal Endo-Flip in Healthy Volunteers Sharma, Amol
611217 NPF Registry Morgan, John
1026002 NU 16H07: Phase II Trial of Pembrolizumab in Combination with ICE Salvage Chemotherapy for Relpased/Refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma Bryan, Locke
668263 Ocular tissue/blood for glaucoma Liu, Yutao
611755 OPC Vazquez, Jose
917234 PAH-Connective Tissue Disease Study with Baroxolone Methyl Gossage, James
611225 Pathway to Prevention She, Jin-Xiong
1086458 Perceptions of the OT at HOME App Cosper, Sharon
728851 PET 3 Holsten, Steven
1012691 Physiological stress on cognitive performance Holland, Angelia
937514 Pilot Study: Healthy Lifestyle Intervention for African American Uterine Cancer Survivors Coughlin, Steven
700632 PLAY Rx Jr. Davis, Catherine
611253 PNH Registry Kutlar, Abdullah
836877 Police Perception of Body Worn Cameras Powell-Williams, Todd
611851 Prazosin Salt Study Harshfield, Gregory
1039630 Predictors of Success: BSN Curriculum and NCLEX-RN Outcomes Cosper, Sharon
611423 PRIDE Program Pace, Betty
701415 Psoriasis Bollag, Wendy
724735 PTSD diagnostic and treatment evaluation tool Vazdarjanova, Almira
1078158 Quality Of Life in Patients Undergoing Total Laryngectomy Due To Intractable Aspiration Groves, Michael
964355 RaDIANT Mulloy, Laura
855631 Randomized Trial of Siltuximab in Schizophrenia Miller, Brian
772504 Re-Applicant Study Groves, Michael
614172 Relationship of facial structure to eyelid surgery outcomes Thomas, Dilip
990280 REPRIEVE MacArthur, Rodger
977890 Response to Upper Cervical Stability Testing in Healthy Individuals Ramiscal, Lawrence
611204 RNAPS Harris, Ryan
1104776 SCDIC Quantitative Needs Assessment Kutlar, Abdullah
1078191 SCDIC Registry Kutlar, Abdullah
611094 Section of Urology Database Lewis, Ronald
611399 SHINE Bruno, Askiel
747226 SMART GIVES (Bacterial Vaginosis and Vaginal Yeast Infection Study) Ferris, Daron
611209 Stem cells derived from human umbilical cord blood Eroglu, Ali
620972 STP206-002 Bhatia, Jatinder
980967 Substance P Inhibition Pilot Study Langley-Brady, Dawn
850073 Suvorexant in Depressed Insomniacs McCall, William
639861 tDCS for the Treatment of the Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia Surya, Sandarsh
1022227 Testing FitBit for Health Research Yates, Heather
856532 The ShOP Study Lehman, Leigh
939191 The TEACH Kitchen: MGC Culinary Clinic Smith, Selina
611652 The Tush Brush Ferris, Daron
611136 To develop and optimize innovative methods and therapies that prevent rejection and prolong transplant survival in patients Mulloy, Laura
1064050 TrACER: Trial Assessing CSF prescribing Effectiveness and Risk Ghamande, Sharad
611203 TSA Registry Crosby, Lynn
1010884 Understanding the Genetic Basis of Transgender Identity Layman, Lawrence
795448 UT 311 PAH Study McDonough, Clark
620511 Vita-K 'N' Adults Study Pollock, Norman
683534 Vita-K 'n' CKD Pollock, Norman
611523 Vita-K 'n' Kids I Study Pollock, Norman
931430 Vita-K 'n' Kids Study II Pollock, Norman
975486 Waist Circumference + CRP Levels Street, Linda
1073277 Zenker Postma, Gregory