Student Research

Students attending Augusta University, one of Georgia's only four comprehensive research universities, can learn through direct participation in research and scholarship throughout all academic disciplines.

Student research sparks critical thinking, creativity and teamwork; it hones the ability to ask important questions, find answers and turn the messy, complex, and abstract thoughts into an elegant argument.


The STAR (Student Training and Research) Program is designed to provide biomedical research experience for undergraduate students who want to pursue a graduate degree in the biomedical sciences.


The Savannah River Scholars Program helps students who excel academically but lack the financial resources to attend college full-time or work on faculty-led research projects.

Center for undergraduate
research & Scholarship (CURS)

In keeping with Augusta University’s commitment to enrich education with experiential learning, CURS supports faculty-led research and scholarly activity that provides students a broad, multi-disciplinary research experience uncommon in undergraduate education.