Clinical Trials Office

About Us

The Clinical Trials Office (CTO) serves as the centralized coordinating office for all clinical research conducted within the Georgia Regents Health System.  Its mission is to facilitate clinical research by providing quality services, solutions, innovative leadership, the promotion of collaboration, and continuous quality improvement.  Its operation is based upon a comprehensive “One Stop Shop” concept for investigators and sponsors. The CTO serves as the initial point of contact for investigators, and sponsors interested in pursuing new clinical investigations within the Augusta University. The CTO provides consultation and assists individuals and entities in obtaining adequate funding and in maneuvering the institution’s research approval process. The CTO provides the initial review and analysis of proposed protocols, budgets, Institutional Review Board submissions, and contracts. Each clinical research project is tracked and appropriate intervention takes place to ensure efficient and complete study approval and start-up.  The CTO offers additional services including study coordination, financial management of studies, and dedicated research facilities such as the Children's Research Unit (CRU) located in the hospital, an outpatient study clinic with a BSL2 approved lab, examination/treatment rooms, space for monitors and auditors and family/patient waiting areas