Protocol Transfer

Request to Transfer or Relocate Animals

Forms must be completed and sent to at least business five (5) business days prior to the desired date of transfer. All transfers will be reviewed by the veterinary staff and all cages will be screened for pinworms and fur mites prior to approval. The requestor will be notified once the request has completed the review and screening process.

Note: Cages from approved requests should NOT be moved prior to the date indicated on the request.

All request inquiries should be submitted to

System requirements :

Must have Adobe Reader 9.1 or higher installed

Download Adobe Reader for Windows Adobe Reader
Download Adobe Reader for Mac Adobe Reader

Request to Transfer Animals Between Animal Use Protocols (PDF)

This form is to request transfer of animal ownership from one PI/protocol to another PI/protocol.

Relocation Request (PDF)

This form is request relocate animals into a new animal housing location. During this relocation animal ownership does not change.

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