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Division of Laboratory Animal Services (DLAS) Forms

  eSIRIUS Portal

Cage Relocation Form

eSirius Request Form

Facility Access Form

After Hours Access Form (wufoo)

eSirius New Financial Account Setup - Please submit this form to have new CFCs added into eSirius for a PI. This must be submitted within 48 hours of the close of the billing cycle.

Protocol Transfer Form

Request for Additional Cage Cards - This form is for PI's and their staff who do not have breeding protocols or have breeding protocols that have not been back-filled in eSirius.

Room Request Form - This form must be completed by any PI who will be requesting the use of a new room in the animal facilities.

Service Request Form - This form is used to submit requests for pharmacy requests, supply and shipping requests, and veterinary procedure requests. If you would like a quote for a service or supply please submit this form and indicate your request and it will be forwarded to the veterinary staff for reply. Requests can also be submitted through the On-Line Service Request Form.

Visitor Form