Training & Education

Training and Education for the Division of Laboratory Animal Services (DLAS)  

As stated in the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (8th ed.), “[a]ll personnel involved with the care and use of animals must be adequately educated, trained, and/or qualified in basic principles of laboratory animal science to help ensure high-quality science and animal well-being.” In order to assist Augusta University research staff in meeting this standard, DLAS provides a number of training opportunities for different purposes.

Practical Training: DLAS offers optional training at the request of research staff. Commonly provided practical training includes rodent handling and restraint, blood collection, administration routes, estrous cycle cell sampling (to assist with timed breeding), and more.

Knowledge Training: DLAS can also provide staff with classroom-based sessions designed to meet the needs of research staff. Commonly requested presentations include the appropriate use of analgesia, administering and monitoring anesthesia, and developing and maintaining breeding colonies.

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