Research Development Services

Dr. Berman Dr. Mulloy Dr. Robinson

The Office of Clinical Investigative Services has joined the Division of Clinical and Translational Sciences. Its new name is Research Development Services (RDS). This office works with researchers and staff to set-up clinical and translational research and to obtain hospital approval when hospital services and resources will be used.

Hospital Services include:

  • clinical research pharmacy
  • emergency department access for research
  • radiology, pathology, and other ancillary services
  • patient accounting to bill insurance for routine care in a study
  • Translational Research Unit (TRU)
  • Children's Research Unit (CRU)

Hospital Resources include:

  • patients and their derived human material including tissue and blood
  • patient data
  • facilities and clinic space

RDS performs the Medicare and Hospital Cost analysis for studies. Staff work closely with Patient Accounting and Medical Associates to help ensure accurate billing of studies.

RDS obtains access to and provides training on hospital databases and online systems for research purposes.

Hospital online programs and databases include:

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR), also called PowerChart
  • PowerTrials, the EHR research module
  • PowerTrials Screener to identify potential study subjects
  • i2b2, a clinical data warehouse 
  • OTTR, the kidney transplant database
  • Hospital Financial Databases and Programs

Additional RDS Services:

  • Study Feasibility
  • Study Protocol Development
  • Finding a Sponsor
  • Connecting with Industry
  • Investigational New Drug (IND) and Investigational Device (IDE) applications and exemption requests to the FDA
  • Coordinating Site Responsibilities
  • Study Monitoring