Research Contracts and Agreements


Research Contracts and Agreements 

There are many offices working together to support timely execution of research contracts and agreements including Office of Innovation Commercialization, Sponsored Program Administration, Office of Advancement, and Purchasing.  Each has their own routing process.  A clearly defined set of pathways is laid out in the Contract and Agreement Routing Checklist for the following types of contract/agreements:

Purchasing Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Donation/Gift/Donor Agreement

Date Use Agreement

Material Transfer Agreement

Master Research Agreement

Master Clinical Trial Agreement

Clinical Trial Agreement

Basic Science Contract or Agreement

Laboratory Contract or Agreement

Collaborative Research Agreement

Animal Research Agreement

Beta Test Agreement


Agreements and contracts not listed above may be reviewed by the  Contract Triage Committee to identify the pathway most appropriate for executing and managing .  Please refer to the Contract and Agreement Routing for additional details.  It is important to recognize the appropriate designated authorities for executing contracts/agreements in compliance with the policy.  

 Contract and agreement routing checklist