At its most basic, research is an investigation. Researchers search and gather information, usually to answer a particular question or problem. Research can be medical, social or behavioral, and it almost always involves people like you.

Volunteers participate in medical research that provides better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent different diseases and conditions. Social and behavioral research explores how and why people behave certain ways in a given situation and how this may impact human health.

If you’ve ever taken medication or been treated for an illness, then you’ve received the benefits of medical research. Medical research helps people enjoy better health and lifestyles. Some studies may not benefit you as an individual, but taking part can help others in the future. With your help, researchers may be able to improve the health of a community or help a group with a particular disease or condition.


If at anytime during or after participating in a study you have any questions or concerns, you can contact either the researcher, using the contact information on the consent form, or one of the IRBs.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is responsible for oversight of Augusta University research studies and can be reached at 706-721-3110.