There are ethical guidelines that protect research participants and the integrity of science.

  • A review board, Institutional Review Board (IRB), must review studies to ensure rights, welfare and safety of research participants are protected.
  • IRB must approve a research study before an Investigator (the person responsible for conducting the study) is allowed to begin a clinical research study.
  • A Research Informed Consent Document describes the research study to participants who may decide to enroll in a clinical research study.
  • Participation is voluntary, which means you can decide whether you want to be in a study.


As a research participant, you have the right:

  • To know the purpose of the research study
  • To know the research study procedures
  • To know the risks and benefits of the research study
  • To ask any questions about the research study
  • To withdraw from the research study at any time
  • To receive a copy of the consent document form
  • Not to feel forced, obligated, or coerced to participate in the research study