Grading & Exams

The University Registrar is responsible for collecting, recording, and reporting grades on behalf of the Augusta University. Policy governing academic standards for grading is detailed in the Student Manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deadlines for grade submission are posted on the Academic Calendar.

Once all grades are entered for a particular section, you will receive an email confirmation that you have completed grading for that section. You will not receive an email confirmation if a grade has been left blank or if you have not submitted an online justification form.

If the original grade has not been rolled to academic history, then you can update the grade in POUNCE. If the grade has been rolled to history, then you must submit a grade change form. 

If grades are not submitted by the deadline, then all students are given NR (Not Reported) grades. Any grades not submitted by the grading deadline will need to be processed as if they were grade changes, using individual Grade Change Forms. 

If the class does not appear on your drop-down list, you have not been assigned to the class in Banner. 

If a student does not appear on your class list, then the student is not officially registered in the class. Students who are not officially registered are not entitled to receive grades and should not have been permitted to attend. Students may be referred to the Registrar’s Office to resolve enrollment questions. Registration is not permitted after the add/drop period is over.

If a student has registered for a course, but has not completed any of the coursework, then the appropriate grade for that student is "F." You may not leave this student's grade blank. You will not be allowed to approve your grade roster without entering a grade for each student on the roster.

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