1. What is JagTrax?

JagTrax is a Web-based tool to help students and advisors monitor student progress toward graduation.

2. How do faculty access JagTrax?

Faculty can access JagTrax via POUNCE. From the main menu select Faculty & Advisors, then select Student Information. Next select JagTrax – Faculty Access. You will be required to select a term from the drop down menu. 

3. How do students access JagTrax?

Students can access JagTrax via POUNCE. From the main menu select JagTrax – Student Access. Your audit will appear.

4. Who can use JagTrax?

Any current student in a participating program.  Any Academic or Faculty advisor.  If you do not have the Find button within JagTrax, you must be assigned as an advisor to view students within your program.

5. What is an audit?

A JagTrax audit is a review of coursework which provides information on both completed and outstanding requirements necessary to complete a degree.

6. Is it possible to identify remaining program requirements by reviewing JagTrax?

Yes. JagTrax is in block format and displays degree requirement information. Look for unchecked boxes to identify requirements that you still need to complete.

7. Are grades visible in JagTrax?

Once grades have been processed at the end of the semester they are viewable in JagTrax following the nightly refresh.

8. What if information in JagTrax isn't up to date?

There could be many reasons that information in JagTrax is not up to date. One is that JagTrax may not have been refreshed since a change was made (information is refreshed nightly) to a student record. Second, there could be some paperwork that must be completed. For example, if a grade change is pending, it is possible the form has not reached the Registrar's Office. Check with the Registrar's Office regarding information not being up to date.

9. What steps should be taken if the information in JagTrax is not correct.

The discrepancy should be brought to the attention of the Registrar's Office.

Some of the common problems and solutions are listed below:

  • The major on the worksheet is wrong and/or the concentration doesn't appear on the worksheet.
  • If this is the case, submit a form to the Registrar's Office to have this information updated.
  • The requirements for my major are wrong.
  • Review the catalog term that appears on each of the blue bars that separate the sections of the worksheet. This is the catalog used to build your requirements. Contact the Registrar's Office if the catalog year should be changed.
  • Core Curriculum is not marked complete.
  • Core courses are evaluated by the Office of Academic Admissions. If all final transcripts have been received and requirements have been met and your core is not marked complete, please contact the Registrar's Office immediately at
  • Permission was granted to substitute a course but is it not showing in the audit trail in JagTrax.
  • Once the advisor and department chair approve a substitution, it must be sent to the Registrar's Office to be put in JagTrax.

10. Is a JagTrax worksheet like a transcript?

JagTrax is an unofficial audit of coursework, as well as an outline of requirements still needed to complete a program of study. A transcript is your official university record and must be requested from the University Registrar.

11. When should a student/advisor review a degree audit?

A degree audit can be reviewed at any time but it is recommended to do so at least four times a semester:

  • Before registration.
  • After registration to ensure courses apply to program requirements.
  • After grades for each semester are posted.
  • Any time changes are made to a record.

12. Is it possible to print worksheets from JagTrax?

Yes. Press the print button in the upper right hand corner of the audit.

13. Where can more information regarding JagTrax be obtained?

Contact the Registrar's Office at or stop by our office in Rains Hall.

14. What will the Audit display?

The audits display courses taken/registered for and remaining requirements for a program/degree.

15. Will entire course history be available in JagTrax?

JagTrax uses the information currently on the transcript. Courses that have been completed/registered for/transferred by the date the last audit was refreshed will be available for viewing. Data is refreshed nightly.

16. How do you determine outstanding requirements using JagTrax?

The audit will outline the courses still needed to meet requirements within each block. There will be checks next to requirements that have already been completed.

17. When do I need to submit a course substitution Form?

A course substitution form is necessary when a course requirement in JagTrax needs to be completed by any other course.