Banner Security Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to log in to Banner?

Due to audit requirements only active users are permitted access to University databases.  Therefore, you are required to log in at least monthly to maintain your system access.  Each time your account is locked, a new Banner Security Request form is required to be submitted. After two locks due to inactive use, your supervisor will be notified of excessive inactivity.  After three locks,  your Banner access will be reviewed by the committee to determine the best course of action for future needs and this could result in final termination of access.

Which password do I use?

Your Banner username and password are what you use to login to your Banner User Account.

How do i get a Banner password?

Employees must complete a BANNER security form and submit it to the appropriate data steward to obtain access to the SIS. In addition, new users may be required to complete BANNER training. The BANNER Fundamental Training is a CBT that may be completed at the leisure of the employee. To gain access to the training material, please request a login from the data steward at the time of your security form submission.

How do I change my password?

To change your password use the Augusta University Password Self Service Portal.

How often will my password expire?

Banner User Account passwords will expire every 90 days.

What happens when my password expires?

You will get a pop-up warning, then click OK to continue.expired password

How long do I have to change my password?

Once you have been notified to change your password, you will have 10 grace logins.

How do I change my password if it has already expired?

To change your password use the Augusta University Password Self Service Portal.

What are the rules for Banner passwords?

Password Requirements
Every password for a Banner User Account must adhere to the following password rules:
Minimum number of characters in password: 8
Maximum number of characters in password: 128The password contains characters from three of the following four categories:
Your password must have at least 1 Latin uppercase letters (A through Z)
Your password must have at least 1 Latin lowercase letters (a through z)
Your password must have at least 1 Base 10 digits (0 through 9)You may use numbers in your password.
The password is case sensitive.
If your JagID password contains a special character, it is recommended that you change your password to contain only letters and numbers. Not doing so may limit Banner functionality.
You must use a unique password.

What do I do if i am locked out of my Banner account?

Email Banner Security.

What do I do if i am locked out of Xtender?

If you use Xtender and have changed your password, you will need to re-synchronize your account. After you've changed your Banner password, go to the Banner Main Menu.

  1. Open Xtender through Banner by either clicking on the Xtender icon on the toolbar or going to: Tools > Banner Document Management Suite > Retrieve Documents.
    Retrieve Documents
  2. A pop-up will inform you that your passwords have been synced:pop up
  3. Click OK.
  4. Xtender should open.

 Data Stewards

Data stewards are designated senior University officials who have planning and policy-level responsibilities for data in their functional areas. Data stewards or their designees are responsible for recommending policies, and establishing procedures and guidelines concerning the accuracy, privacy, and integrity of the data subsets for which they are responsible. The responsibilities of the Data Stewards are as follows:

  • Overall responsibility for the data subsets managed by their reporting units. In certain cases the same data element could exist in more than one data subset (and stem). For example, social security number is used in the financial, human resources and student system. In this case, social security number is considered to have more than one steward.
  • Resolve data access or definition issues involving data elements which exist in multiple data subsets across stems.
  • Interpret and implement state and federal policies and guidelines that affect data subsets within their functional areas.
  • Identify the access type (public, internal, or internal and sensitive) for each data element within the data subsets managed by their reporting units.
  • Establish authorization procedures to facilitate appropriate data access as defined by campus data policy and ensure data security for data within their functional area.

Data Management Roles

Admissions– Cecilia Long  706-737-1632

Business Office- Beth Welsh  706-446-1448

Financial Aid - Debbie Turner  706-737-1524

Registrar- Heather Metress  706-721-5052

Registrar Backup– Jordan Cliatt  706-446-1434