Emergency Notification

Emergency Notification

Augusta University will immediately notify the campus community upon confirmation of an emergency or dangerous situation. 

Jaguar Alerts

Jaguar Alerts is an emergency notification system to inform the Augusta University community when there is an urgent threat requiring immediate action. Examples include active shooter, gas leak or bomb threat.

The system may also be used to notify the university community of crimes that have already occurred on or near the campus but that may still pose a serious or active threat to students, faculty, staff, patients and visitors.

Emergency notifications will be sent through email, text and/or voice call. To sign up or change notification options, visit our alerts sign up page.

Questions about the alert system can be directed to the Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response at 706-729-2407.

Emergency Communications

The university utilizes several communication mediums to relay information about an ongoing threat to campus. Notifications may be distributed through Jaguar Alerts, the university website, phone, email and the outdoor siren.

Report a crime

To report an emergency, please call Public Safety at 706-721-2911.