College Composition II Course Themes

College Composition II course themes

Beginning in Spring Semester 2014, various sections of College Composition II (ENGL 1102/14) will feature specific themes. All major reading, writing and research assignments in each section will be connected to the theme. Please browse the themes below and determine whether you would like to register for a specific section. See the course schedule for dates and times.

After you register for a themed section, please take care to buy the correct books. The books for each section are very different. The only book that all sections share in common is Rules for Writers, 7th Edition.

Not all sections of College Composition II are themed. All sections that are not listed below will follow the catalog description for the course: Literature-based, Composition II develops writing skills beyond the levels of proficiency required in English 1101. Interpretation and evaluation are emphasized, and more advanced research methods are incorporated. The course includes instruction in composition of a research paper.