Freshman are defined as first time college attendees coming directly from high school within the past 12 months, including previously dual-enrolled students.

Students at OrientationEach student is required to register and attend a Jaguar Nation Welcome Session. Dates fill up fast! To get your preferred date, register as soon as possible!




Registration for summer orientation for students starting Augusta University in Summer or Fall 2018 will open January 12th. 

The cost to attend your required New Freshmen two-day program is $110.00. Our registration fee includes the cost of the program for the two days including: meals (a light continental breakfast on the second day, one lunch, and one dinner), overnight stay in Oak Hall, materials and programming activities.

All two-day orientations except the last orientation session have an overnight component where students are required to stay in our University Housing with fellow orientation students. If your guest needs overnight accommodations they also have the opportunity to sign up to stay in on-campus housing, or find a hotel in the Augusta community.

REGISTRATION & Payment Instructions:

*Registration and payment happen in two different systems. Please be sure to follow all steps to ensure you complete both properly.

Price Breakdown

  • 2 Day Program (Student) - $110 
  • 2 Day Program (Guest) - $65 
  • Walk-In Fee - additional $25
  1. Select the date you wish to attend orientation.

  2. Decide if you will be having family members, parents or guests attending with you.

  3. Complete the Jaguar Nation Registration Form.

  4. After registering for your Jaguar Nation Welcome, please follow the payment link provided to you in the pop-up confirmation and/or in the follow-up email sent to your Augusta University email account, to pay your (non-refundable) Orientation Fee and any additional costs associated with your attendance.

    We accept a web check, Discover, Visa and MasterCard. Cash is not accepted.

  5. After payment is received, you will receive a receipt of your payment via email.


Register Here!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a confirmation?

Yes! You will receive two confirmations: one confirmation with your Jaguar Nation Welcome session date and registration information and the other confirmation will confirm payment.

When should I make travel arrangements?

Do NOT make any airline, bus, train or car reservations until AFTER you have registered and paid for orientation and have received a confirmation email.

When should I make hotel reservations?

Students are required to stay in Oak Hall housing during orientation. Limited space is available for guests who sign up to stay in on-campus housing. Guests may also wish to make hotel reservations in the local community.

Can I change my orientation date?

If you need to change your orientation date, you may do so by logging into the system and selecting any date that is visible to you. If you have trouble changing your date, please contact the orientation office via email at

I need to add or change information on my registration form.

Please email any additional information to

Can my money be refunded?

Jaguar Nation Welcome fees (both student and guest) are non-refundable. Deciding not to attend Augusta University or having your admission rescinded due to poor academic performance does not qualify to receive a refund.



The Jaguar Nation Welcome schedule will be available for download via the Guidebook App.  Please check back for an updated link.