If you have a question or need information regarding audit, compliance, internal controls, policies/procedures, etc., do not hesitate to contact our office or staff. We can be reached in the following ways:





The Office of Internal Audit
Augusta University
1120 15th Street, HS-3135
Augusta, Georgia 30912-7900


(706) 721-2661
Please note that this is not the hotline telephone number. Individuals with sensitive questions or concerns should refer to our Compliance Hotline. The hotline telephone number is: 1-800-576-6623.

Fax: (706) 446-0332

Email Addresses for Staff:

Clay Sprouse, Chief Audit Officer, csprouse@augusta.edu

Kathleen Boyd, Associate Audit Director, kboyd50@augusta.edu

Crystal Corey, Audit Manager, ccorey@augusta.edu

Will Barnes, Senior Auditor, gbarnes@augusta.edu

Sheryl Brown, Information Systems Auditor, sherbrown@augusta.edu

Rufus Copeland, Senor Auditor, rcopeland@augusta.edu

Chastan Owens, Auditor Assistant, chowens@augusta.edu

Lisa Kedigh, Administrative Assistant III, lkedigh@augusta.edu