Experiential Learning

What is Experiential Learning?

Within Learning by Doing, experiential learning is defined as directed reflection on learning by doing. While experiential learning has been highly discussed among academics in recent years due to the national emphasis of high-impact educational practices, the concept of experiential learning dates at least as far back as Julius Caesars oftquoted maxim, experience is the teacher of all things. These learning experiences can occur in a variety of settings and environments, ranging from in-class games and hands-on activities to service learning and collaborative projects to research projects and internships.

At the same time, leaders are grown from experience. Reflection on ones experiences is a critical component in both experiential learning and developing students as burgeoning leaders. Students who pursue the Leadership Certificate will reflect on their experiences throughout the program through assignments, journaling, and other opportunities.


Certificate of Leadership

Student Learning Outcomes

Group Disscussion

SLO 1. Students will demonstrate their ability to communicate in a manner appropriate for the audience and occasion.

SLO 2. Students will demonstrate problem solving skills.

SLO 3. Student will explain selected leadership theories or models as related to the students own leadership development/experience.

SLO 4. Students will exhibit behaviors that distinguish them as competent professionals in their field.

SLO 5. Students will be able to effectively work in teams.