Outreach and Service

Outreach and Service

Service to our global community is a  an essential component of the Augusta University nursing education experience. Through exciting community partnerships, our faculty members lead and facilitate initiatives that address today's health challenges and concerns.

Our students also have opportunities to engage in this important work and lead their own projects through targeted courses and programs. Annually, our students contribute more than 200 hours of service to improve health and promote the wellness of our citizens.

Our major outreach and service initiatives include:

+ Go to Costa Layman Interdisciplinary Health Programs (On the farm, world-class research meets unprecedented care)

+ Go to Fit, Body and Soul

+ Go to Good Samaritan House (Dearing, GA)

+ Go to Greater Augusta Healthcare Network

+ Go to Healthy Grandparents Program

+ Go to RWJ New Careers in Nursing

Dr. Lovoria Williams with FBS particpants.