Doctor of Nursing Practice Programs

DNP Degree Objectives

Scientific/Social/Psychological Foundation: Integrates and applies nursing and foundation sciences to effectively practice in complex, evolving healthcare systems

Safe Quality Care within Healthcare Systems: Analyzes and effects quality outcomes in healthcare systems

Evidenced Based Practice/Research: Improves healthcare outcomes with application of evidence in the healthcare environment

Healthcare Technology/Informatics: Analyzes and facilitates the use of information systems /technology to monitor and improve patient care outcomes and healthcare systems

Healthcare Policy: Analyzes the multiple levels of policy to advocate for issues which have actual or potential impact on nursing and healthcare outcomes.

Interprofessional Collaboration/Communication: Employs strategies to lead, develop, and contribute toward productive interprofessional teams for the improvement of healthcare outcomes

Population Health: Demonstrates the ability to evaluate, synthesize, and apply theory, models, and research to impact healthcare of diverse populations

Professional Practice: Utilizes the competencies of an advanced practice expert to design, implement, and evaluate evidence based care within specialty 


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The state's first Doctor of Nursing Practice Program, this program educates advanced nurse clinicians for expert practice in leadership and clinical roles. This doctoral-level education provides nurses the clinical and management expertise to improve health care outcomes, making them expert collaborators in solving health care problems in systems.