Center for Nursing Research

Center for Nursing Research

The Center for Nursing Research advances the research and scholarship mission of the College of Nursing with a focus on facilitating the efforts of students and faculty to obtain external funding to support research, educational, and service demonstration projects. The Center coordinates student and faculty access to a wide range of support services available within the College of Nursing and the Augusta University.

CNR Provides Support Services in:

  • Data Management: data collection, data entry

  • Grant Applications: consultation, research design, editing, grant preparation

  • Information: call for abstracts, conference guidelines, funding opportunities and guidelines, and Internet searches

  • Human Assurance: Planning IRB preparation, routing, and IRB guidelines

  • Research Statistical Software Support: quantitative and qualitative statistical support (SPSS, EPI, Info, and ETHNO)

  • Publications: manuscript review, and guidelines

  • Presentations: graphics (models, figures, etc.), poster and slide presentations

Center for Nursing Research | Health Sciences Bldg, 4th Floor 706.721.3162
CNR Seminar Series

S. Pamela Shiao, PhD, RN, FAAN
Associate Dean for Research

Julie Zadinsky, PhD, RN
Assistant Dean for Research
PhD Program Director

Thomas Joshua, MS
Asst. Professor and Research Data Manager

Chelsey Lemons, MS
Research Associate  

J. Keith Williams, BA
Grant Specialist II

Stephen Looney, PhD
Biostatistician (Part-Time)

Vicki Burchfield, MLIS
Nursing Information Librarian