Green Zone Program

The Green Zone Program is a campus-wide initiative providing locations recognized by Veterans as a safe place to aid in their transition from military to university and civilian life.

The objectives of the Green Zone Program are to increase the knowledge and skills of the faculty and staff to identify and address the needs of Veterans and assist them in successfully completing their transition from military to university and civilian life. Green Zones are clearly marked locations recognized by Veteran students as a “safe place."

In order to accommodate as many faculty and staff as possible, we provide Green Zone training in various ways. Intensive Tier I, Tier II and Tier III training is available on our campus through STAR Behavioral Health providers. Tier I and II training is suitable for all faculty, staff and clinicians while Tier III training is only appropriate for clinicians and health care providers. A veteran panel discussion will be offered during the academic year (date, time and location TBA), and a training DVD is being produced for those faculty and staff who are not able to attend programming. Training options will be updated as they become available.

Faculty and staff who complete the training receive a Green Zone sticker to post on their doors. They will have access to a web site with resources to assist veterans who experience road blocks or problems. It is our goal to become as military helpful as possible on the Augusta University campus. If you have ideas about ways to accomplish this, please share them with Carol Giardina.

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Green Zone Program
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Who is the Green Zone training program for? The Green Zone training program is specifically designed to train faculty and staff in an effort to provide additional support for Veteran students. In the present stage of the Green Zone Program, the training is not for Veteran students to become active participants, rather beneficiaries from the trained faculty and staff volunteers. How long will it take? The training program has been designed to increase the knowledge and skills of the Augusta University faculty and staff to identify and address the needs of Veteran students and assist them in successfully completing their transition from the military to university and civilian life. The training is conducted in three phases on different days. The program begins with a one-hour brief that will provide an overview of the program. The second phase is a four-hour field trip to Fort Gordon where participants will get to see a day in the life a Solider by taking a tour of the facility, seeing equipment displays, and eating lunch with Service Members. The final phase of the training will be a three-hour block of instruction conducted by external agencies that will provide GZP participants the tools they need to provide a sympathetic ear to Veteran students and help them find the appropriate resource to resolve their issue.

Across Augusta University campuses, veterans are making excellent grades, providing leadership in their classes, and graduating. They bring their experiences, discipline and a world view that few non-military students can match. Still, the traditional college classroom may be a very different environment than veterans are accustomed to. To assist new veteran students with the transition from the duty assignment to the classroom, the Office of Military & Veterans Services launched the VET 2 VET Mentoring Program this semester. By introduction, our mentors are military veterans and veteran students who want to share what they’ve learned with others. Meet Adrienne Kambouris, Pre-Medicine major; Courtney Fairchild, Pre-PA (Physician Assistant) major; Shayla Born, Education major; Lillian Varner, Sociology major; Francesca De Lorenzo, Business major, Brendon Ricciardi, Communications major, and Leslie Dodson, Business major. In some cases, mentors can provide tutoring in selected subjects as well. If you are a veteran and would like a student mentor, please contact Carol Giardina. We look forward to serving you!