Small Animal Imaging

The Core Imaging Facility for Small Animals (CIFSA), commissioned to provide MRI and optical imaging resources of small animals, is a core facility serving the needs of a multi-departmental/multi-disciplinary research community in order to advance the clinical and biomedical sciences In particular, efforts of the CIFSA are intended to achieve the ultimate goals of providing a better understanding of the pathophysiology of disease development and progression, and providing a better evaluation of the pharmaceutical intervention efficacy in the battle of those diseases. To achieve these goals, the CIFSA specifically will undertake the following activities:

 ■  Utilize established imaging protocols recognized throughout the scientific community and develop new imaging protocols to aid in the developing needs  of biomedical research. This will include segmentation and quantitative analysis of structure of interest.

 ■  Offer image data analysis and processing that will help to quantify and qualify the in vivo, and in vitro, research in such a manner to support the projects   developed by the GHSU research community and beyond.

 ■  Offer biomedical project consultation that will help better the understanding of the role non invasive whole body magnetic resonance, bioluminescent,  and fluorescent imaging can play in achieving research objectives.