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Molecular Medicine Graduate Program Students




Mentor:  Erhard Bieberich, PhD

Research Interests:  Finding protein binding partners to Ceramide (membrane lipid) and elaborate on the role of Ceramide in signaling pathways and their consequences such as Ceramide’s role in Ciliogenesis.




joanna erion

Joanna Erion

Mentor:  Wen-Cheng Xiong, PhD

Research Interests:  Role of VPS35 in diurnal thermoregulation, neuroinflammation, and endogenous Amyloid-Beta metabolism




Neuroscience Graduate Program Students 


Thiri Lin

Thiri Lin

Mentor: Lin Mei, PhD
Research Interests: Thiri Lin is currently studying the role of ErbB4, a receptor tyrosine kinase in inhibitory interneurons using genetic approaches.





Tong Luo

Tong Luo

Mentor:  Bo-shiun Chen, PhD,
Research Interests: Tong Luo is interested in the trafficking of GluN2C subunit of NMDA receptors. He is investigating the function of NMDA receptor in oligodendrocyte cells.




Merry Ma

Merry Ma

Mentor:  Darrell W. Brann, PhD
Research Interests: studies the role, regulation and potential therapeutic targeting of NADPH oxidase in traumatic brain injury






Research Interests:  Interested in the role of Dscam in neurodevelopment and behavior in zebrafish.

Graduate Advisor: Albert Pan, PhD




 Roshni Thakkar

Roshni Thakkar

Research Interests: Role of neural and astrocyte derived estrogen in brain physiology and pathology.

Graduate Advisor: Darrell W. Brann, PhD, Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine



Donovan tucker

Research Interests:
Graduate Advisor:
Quanguang Zhang, PhD



zhaoKai Zhao

Research Interests: Investigating the molecules downstream of LRP4-MuSK signaling which is important for neuromuscular junction development.
Graduate Advisor: Lin Mei, PhD