Name Degree Current Employer
 Marc Birtwistle  Postdoc, 2011-12 Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY
 Boseung Choi  Postdoc, 2008-10 Gyeongsan University, South Korea
 Shirong Deng  Postdoc, 2016-17 Wuhan University, China
 Anil Devarapu  Postdoc, 2009-11 Albany State University, Albany, GA
 Jaejik Kim  Postdoc, 2010-12 Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea
 Iwona Pawlikowska  Postdoc, 2008-09 St Jude Children's Hospital, Memphis, TN
 Anisha Pulinchani  Postdoc, 2013-15 N/A
 Deepak Sakate  Postdoc, 2016-17 N/A
The Capstone requirement of the Master’s program really helped prepare me for my career…It was really helpful to be able to work on real research projects with faculty from helping them design their study, formatting their data sets, performing the statistical analysis, and writing-up and presenting a final report of the methods and results.
Britney Ange
Britney Ange
MS Biostatistics, 2011
 Jeffrey Campbell  PhD, 2015 Augusta University, Augusta, GA
 Adam Chen  PhD, 2016 Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. (Roche Group), Tucson, AZ
 Jeonifer Garren  PhD, 2015 Berg, LLC, Framingham, MA
 Joshua Greene  PhD, 2013 N/A
 Fengjiao Hu  PhD, 2016 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)
 Shuang Li  PhD, 2015 University of Texas, Galveston, TX
 Daniel Linder  PhD, 2013 Augusta University, Augusta, GA
 Courtney McCracken  PhD, 2013 Emory University, Atlanta, GA
After several years in the field, I have found several skills that are necessary for success as a collaborative biostatistician. First and foremost is the ability to communicate well with researchers across several disciplines.
Nate Baker
Nate Baker
MS Biostatistics, 2008
 Brittany Ange  MS, 2011 Augusta University, Augusta, GA
 Nathaniel Baker  MS, 2008 Medical University of S. Carolina, Charleston, SC
 Earnest Baulkmon  MS, 2013 NTT DATA Americas, Louisville, KY
 Carly Bryan  MS, 2016 N/A
 Lee Cromwell  MS, 2010 Palmetto GBA Medicare, Columbia, SC
 Riad Elmor  MS, 2015 Indegene, Iselin, NJ
 Marquez Hall  MS, 2009 Lucy C. Laney High School, Augusta, GA
 Patricia Hall  MS, 2008 Augusta University, Augusta, GA
 Jie Huang  MS, 2010 St Jude Children's Hospital, Memphis, TN
I chose Biostatistics as it seemed a fascinating juncture between mathematics and biology…It allows me to apply my mathematical aptitude in real-life experiments, public health and the medical sciences…
Riad Elmor
Riad Elmor
MS Biostatistics, 2015
 Madison Hyer  MS, 2014 Medical University of S. Carolina, Charleston, SC
 Anh Le  MS, 2008 University of Alabama at Birmingham
 Abe Letter  MS, 2010 W.L. Gore & Associates, Newark, DE
 Robert Powell  MS, 2010 Department of the Navy, Memphis, TN
 George (G.A.) Price  MS, 2009 BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
 Bayazid Sarkar  MS, 2008 EPA, Washington, DC
 Richard Walker  MS, 2010 iJET International, Baltimore, MD
 Xiaoxiao Wang  MS, 2013 Jiangsu Traditional Medicine Hospital at Nanjing, China
Due to the ever-advancing knowledge base, the program cannot possibly provide every tool and technique you could possibly need. However, completing the program will give you the ability to learn or develop new tools and techniques that are relevant to your work.
Robert Powell
Robert L. Powell
MS Biostatistics, 2010
 E. Leila Jerome Clay  MCTS, 2016 Augusta University, Augusta, GA
 Mohammed Elsalanty  MCTS, 2010 Augusta University, Augusta, GA
 Mulugeta Fissha  CCTS, 2010 Augusta University, Augusta, GA
 Pankaj Gupta  MCTS, 2012 Augusta University, Augusta, GA
 Cheedy Jaja  CCTS, 2011 Augusta University, Augusta, GA
  Kavita Natarajan  MCTS, 2013 Augusta University, Augusta, GA
 Michelle Reid-Nicholson  MCTS, 2010 Emory University, Atlanta, GA
 Umapathy Siddaramappa  MCTS, 2016 Emory University, Atlanta, GA
 Jeffrey Switzer  MCTS, 2011 Augusta University, Augusta, GA
 Nafisa Wadud  MCTS, 2011 Medical Practice, Columbia, SC
 Elena Wood  MCTS, 2011 Augusta University, Augusta, GA