Location: Augusta University Hospital and Clinics
Enrollment: Min: 1 Max: 6
Prerequisites: None
Duration: 1 month
Months Offered: August through May
Lecture: 12 hrs/month
Clinic: 8 hrs/day


To introduce medical students to the basic principles and practices of anesthesiology and perioperative


At the end of the elective, students will become familiar with the basics of:

  • Preanesthetic evaluation and perioperative anesthetic management of patients
  • Standards for basic anesthetic monitoring and invasive hemodynamic monitoring
  • Airway equipment, assessment, and management
  • Anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology relevant to anesthesiology practices
  • Oxygen therapy and the basics of mechanical ventilation
  • Different methods and pharmacological agents used for general anesthesia and monitored anesthesia care
  • Different types of regional anesthesia and their perioperative management
  • Standards for postanesthesia care and related topics

Competency-based goals and objectives,  click here

Teaching activities

  • Daily assignment with residents to the operating room or other location
  • Educational discussions and interactions with residents and faculty
  • Medical student anesthesiology lecture series
  • Resident conferences and Grand Round lectures
  • Independent reading from a suggested list
  • Airway and IV line placement practice workshop


  • Clinical performance evaluation by residents and faculty
  • Comprehensive written examination
  • Presentation by student on a topic related to anesthesiology

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