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Department Chairs

Perry P. Volpitto, MD, 1937-1972
Dr. Perry Volpitto

Dr. Volpitto was the first chairman of an academic anesthesiology department and training program in the South. He was a co-founder of the Southern Society of Anesthesiologists (1946) as well as president of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) and the Association of University Anesthetists. Dr. Volpitto, who received the Distinguished Service Award from both the ASA and the Medical Association of Georgia, played an active role in departmental teaching until his death in 1988.

Zachariah W. Gramling, MD, 1973-1984
Dr. Zachariah Gramling

Dr. Gramling was instrumental in the reconstruction of the anesthesia elective program for medical students, the founding of the Respiratory Therapy Department of the College of Allied Health Sciences, and the establishment of the Shock/Trauma Unit. He was a consultant to the Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center and the Veterans Administration hospitals. Dr. Gramling received the Crawford W. Long Memorial Award, the Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists' highest honor.

Robert S. Crumrine, MD, 1985-1999
Dr. Robert Crumrine

Dr. Crumrine, who was also Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Professor of Nursing, was an active member of the Board of Trustees for the Crawford W. Long Museum as well as the American Society of Anesthesiologists, Association of University Anesthesiologists, and American Academy of Pediatrics. As president of the Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists, the once strictly volunteer staff evolved to a professional staff which provides greater outreach to members and affiliated organizations.

C. Alvin Head, MD, 2002-2013

Dr. Head was president of the Academy of Anesthesiology and chair of the American Medical Association Council on Science and Public Health. Under his watch, clinical and basic research became a more prominent feature of the department.

Steffen E. Meiler, MD, 2014-Present

Dr. Meiler is a physician-scientist whose research interests include identifying new genetic and pharmacological therapies for sickle cell disease. He plans to strengthen basic and clinical research in the department that now ranks in the top 20 nationally in federal funding. He also plans to add fellowships in pediatric and cardiothoracic anesthesiology and e-learning and simulation opportunities for residents and students.

Drs. Eugene Betts, Manuel Castresana, Margaret DeVore, Joseph Johnston, and Dan Martin have served as Interim Chairs.