Tornado emergency scenario



Let's s tart from Greenblatt Library Disaster Health Information Web Portal.

Click the "Tornadoes" icon, which links to the tornado resources on National Library of Medicine Web site. 





The tornado resources were selected and organized by different topics.

Let's take a look of the "Coping with disasters" group. 


tornadoes NLM page 





Here are some key mental health resources for tornado disaster victims.

tornado mental health info





Let's try to find special organizations that may help us dealing with Tornado disaster.

We can start from "Find Disaster Organization" search box on our Web Portal. Use both "tornado" and "tornadoes". 

 tornado organization search 



We got 17 hits  if we used "tornadoes" in the search box. Most of the hits come from state organizations. Let's look at No.3 Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center which is from Texas A and M University.


tornado organization search result




From the description, we know that "the researchers at the HRRC study the full range of natural disasters and technological hazards". "The staff of HRRC is interdisciplinary in nature and includes the expertise of architects, planners, sociologists, policy analysts and engineers". So, this center is likely to have helpful information.


tornado organization