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Leadership Development courses and programs are designed to develop specific leadership competencies for all AU and AU Health employees. Click to view our AU and AU Health... Authentic Leadership Competencies.


We offer employees the opportunity to participate in research and competency based longitudinal programs for leadership development. Reach out to our alum for feedback on the programs. Click to view a complete list of our Authentic Pipeline Program Alum.

The Pipeline programs are accessible to directors, chairs, faculty, administrators, physicians, nurses, and program directors at Augusta University and AU Health. Admission into a program is by nomination, including supervisor approval, and reviewed by a Selection Committee.  


Authentic Women Leaders Pipeline to all AU and AU Health women
  • Insights about the program from Dr. Lee Merchen. Click to view
  • Program Dates in 2018: To Be Announced 
Authentic Leadership Pipeline I Program 
  • Program Dates in 2018: To Be Announced
Authentic Leadership Pipeline II Program
  • Program Dates in 2018: To Be Announced



There are no charges to the individual, department or unit to participate in any Authentic Leadership Pipeline program. 

Crucial Conversations: Learning Options



Click to view  the opportunities for teaching 2-day and 1-day Crucial Conversations courses for your team, as well as 3 hour and 2 hours.




"ON THE ROAD" courses are provided at no cost to the AU or AUMC unit in your preferred location on a convenient date for faculty and attendees. These engaging 1.5 to 2 hour courses can be presented during a Department/Unit meeting, Grand Rounds, Retreat, and/or Professional Development session.

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  1. Unconscious Bias: Its Impact on Career Advancement & Workplace Dynamics with Melissa Furman, MS. Our brains are hardwired to make unconscious decisions and there is a direct link between our unconscious thinking and our actions and behaviors. Strategically addressing unconscious bias can positively impact career advancement and workplace dynamics.

    2. Communicating to Disarm and De-escalate with Mark Franklin Patishnock, PhD. Practical, experiential, skills-based workshop for all employees who have ever been involved in a situation where emotions are running high.

    3. Managing Conflict & Differences with Caryl A. Hess, PhD, MBA. Conflict in the workplace in inevitable. All conflict may not be resolved, but all can be managed.

    4. Generational Diversity: Unlocking Workplace & Career Success with Melissa Furman, MS. Understanding and respecting generational diversity can lead to a more productive and motivating work environment.


For more information about these On The Road courses, call the Office of Leadership Development at 706.721.3096. 

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