The Leadership Academy has been created to develop all employees and students as authentic leaders at Augusta University. Specifically, the Office of Leadership Development, including the Leadership Academy, will provide a suite of comprehensive, experiential, enterprise-wide, leadership and management development opportunities within the context of its mission and vision.


The Office of Leadership Development, and the Leadership Academy in particular, exists to develop every individual at Augusta University as an authentic leader.


The Office of Leadership Development will create a pipeline of authentic leaders for the enterprise within 3 years.

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"Leadership is the process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal."

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Leadership Development Model: Authentic Leadership

Augusta University will focus on creating authentic leaders. The concept of authenticity has its roots in Greek philosophy *To thy own self be true.

Researchers seem to agree that authentic leaders demonstrate five qualities:

  1. Understanding their purpose;
  2. Practicing solid values
  3. Leading and following with heart
  4. Establishing connected relationships; and
  5. Demonstrating self-discipline.

Authentic leadership: A review of the literature and research agenda