HR Admin

Susan NortonSusan A. Norton 

Vice President for Human Resources,
Chief Human Resources Officer  

The Vice President manages the Human Resources Division, providing direction and leadership to all facets of HR operations.  Special services include providing advice and counseling to management concerning employee issues, disciplinary/termination procedures, policy clarification, grievance process and effective management. Counseling is also provided to employees concerning job-related issues and grievance procedures.

Employee Relations issues concerning sexual harassment or discrimination should be referred to the AA/EEO Office at extension 1-7782.

Vice President's Office Staff and Leadership Team

  • Diana Morris, Administrative Associate
    Vice President's Office
    (706) 721-3777
  • Carolyn Burns, Interim Director
    Talent Acquisition & Management
    (706) 721-7224
  • Patricia Riley, Director
    Employee Benefits & Data Management (University)
    (706) 721-7894
  • Debra Arnold, Director
    Employee Relations (University)
    (706) 721-6197
  • Lisa Mitchum, Director
    Employee Benefits (Medical Center) 
    (706) 721-9287
  • Ashley Nix, Director
    Employee Relations (Medical Center) 
    (706) 721-7272
  • Duane Ritter, Director
    Compensation and Performance Management
    (706) 721-8063