STAR Program
2016 I AM FIT

The STAR 2016 “I AM FIT” program, consisted of two teams racing for miles, one step at a time!

The teams were comprised of STAR students and their “I AM FIT Buddies.” I AM FIT Buddies were fellow Augusta University students, faculty members, staff, and mentors- their goal was to help their team get the most steps while providing motivation and encouragement. The summer 2016 I AM FIT program began on May 31st, and ran the duration of this year’s STAR program. It was a full 7-week commitment that ended on Monday, July 18th.

Team #2 was the 2016 I AM FIT Winner! 

Congratulations to our top three 2016 STAR I am Fit winners:

1. Atul Lodh
2. Rahim Hirani
3. Rohit Munagala

Week 7 Total Standings:   Team #1: 5116 miles!                       Team #2: 5126 miles!

bar graph

2016 Team Rosters



TIps and Pointers


STAR I AM FIT --- is a modification of the I AM FIT program between Augusta University and AR Johnson High school- an outreach program -actually a study by Dr. V. Barnes in the GPI. The high school kids form teams and "walk" around the world in 4 years - if they participate from fresh to sr year.

Team members get a pedometer and log (report) their steps each week. The miles count to track their progress on a map to various locations and the final destination. The kids learn about the places they "travel through" in their classes. In addition, they become aware of the importance of nutrition and exercise - Barnes checks weight, BMI, BP etc at start and stop to see differences - hence the GPI study.

  1. WEAR your pedometer – clip it on you pant waistline
  2. Record steps for the day using this step log: Personal Log Template. We recommend you log your steps every day. How to reset – Zero your pedometer at the end of the day and count steps for next day.

    WARNING: It is risky to let your pedometer count continuously for the week because if it somehow resets, and it will, you will lose your step counts up to that point, erasing your entire week’s progress!

  3. Every Tuesday morning to be sure report your past seven days progress.
  4. Have fun, and be safe! The goal is 10K steps per day; however, if you have any health conditions or are at risk, be smart and don’t push yourself. And be sure to stay hydrated!

So, grab your walking shoes and let’s make this year’s I AM FIT challenge a healthy success!

Please note if you have any health condition or are at risk, be smart and do not put yourself at risk by participating or pushing yourself to this goal or beyond. Participation is totally voluntary. EVERY team member’s step counts are valued whether you make the 10K/day or not. We will do some “cheer leading” and friendly challenging, rivalry and competition to make it fun – but use good sense and do not feel pressured to push yourselves if it is not appropriate for you to do so.