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Can't find your fund?

If you would like to give to somewhere other than the categories listed above, please use the table below to find your AUF and GHSF fund numbers. Looking for MCG-Funds?

Foundation Fund ID Number Fund Name Area
GHSF 31410 Art Hardy Memorial Scholarship Allied Health
GHSF 21418 Augusta Area Asthma Camp Allied Health
GHSF 21415 Bill Stenstrom Memorial Scholarship Fund Allied Health
GHSF 21400 College of Allied Health Dean's Expendable Allied Health
GHSF 21406 Dental Hygiene Fund Allied Health
GHSF 21421 Donald E. Maner and Carbon T. Stewart Scholarship Allied Health
GHSF 21405 Health Informatics Allied Health
GHSF 21403 Julia R. Crowley Leadership Allied Health
GHSF 314001 Layman Family Allied Health Sciences Endowed Scholarship Allied Health
GHSF 21402 Medical Illustration Allied Health
GHSF 21404 Medical Laboratory, Imaging, and Radiologic Sciences Allied Health
GHSF 21409 Occupational Therapy Allied Health
GHSF 21401 Physical Therapy Fund Allied Health
GHSF 21407 Physician Assistant Program Allied Health
GHSF 21419 Randy Baker Respiratory Therapy Student Support Fund Allied Health
GHSF 21408 Respiratory Therapy Allied Health
GHSF 21413 Scott Waddell Scholarship Allied Health
GHSF 21422 Wendy Cline Paschal Service From the Heart Physician Assistant Allied Health
GHSF 31423 Art Taft Student Scholarship Allied Health
GHSF 21412 Physical Therapy Scholarship Fund Allied Health
AUF 29806 Baseball Athletics
AUF 29815 Cheerleading Athletics
AUF 29808 Cross Country Athletics
AUF 39830 Dressel Evans Scholarship Fund Endowment Athletics
AUF 29819 Dugout Club Athletics
AUF 29831 Gordon Uhl Scholarship Athletics
AUF 29805 Jaguar Club Athletics
AUF 39829 Marvin Vanover Scholarship Endowment Athletics
AUF 29807 Men's Basketball Athletics
AUF 29809 Men's Golf Athletics
AUF 398001 Rhonda and Lloyd Graybeal Women's Golf Scholarship Athletics
AUF 29811 Softball Athletics
AUF 29810 Tennis Athletics
AUF 29812 Volleyball Athletics
AUF 29813 Women's Basketball Athletics
AUF 29814 Women's Golf Athletics
AUF 29115 Art Department Discretionary CAHSS
AUF 29106 Augusta University American Opera Institute CAHSS
AUF 29118 Augusta University Jazz Ensemble CAHSS
AUF 29107 Augusta University Opera Scholarship Award CAHSS
AUF 29119 Buffalo Soldiers Fund CAHSS
AUF 29121 Center for Georgia History CAHSS
AUF 29117 Communication & Professional Writing Discretionary CAHSS
AUF 29113 English & Foreign Language Discretionary CAHSS
AUF 29126 English & Foreign Language Schools Project CAHSS
AUF 29103 Gwen Woods Book Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 29108 History Discretionary CAHSS
AUF 29120 Humanities Discretionary CAHSS
AUF 39199 Lucille Fleischer American Opera & Music Theatre Inst CAHSS
AUF 39140 Lucille Fleischer Endowment CAHSS
AUF 29105 Lynthia Owens Scholarship CAHSS
AUF 29116 MPA Program Discretionary CAHSS
AUF 29109 Music Discretionary CAHSS
AUF 39148 Nissa Bren Moles Music Scholarship Endowment CAHSS
AUF 29110 Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences CAHSS
AUF 29194 Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences CAHSS
AUF 29122 Philosophy Events CAHSS
AUF 29114 Political Science Discretionary CAHSS
AUF 39200 Ralph Walker Scholarship Endowment CAHSS
AUF 39138 Renee Rondeau Scholarship Endowment CAHSS
AUF 29112 Sociology Discretionary CAHSS
AUF 29124 Television and Cinema (TVC) Lab CAHSS
AUF 39165 William A. Bloodworth, Jr. Endowment CAHSS
AUF 29123 Women's Studies CAHSS
AUF 39164 Wycliffe Gordon Jazz Scholarship Endowment CAHSS
AUF 29101 Lang & Lit International Scholarship CAHSS
GHSF 210005 Cannonball Kids Cancer Research Fund Cancer
GHSF 21606 Georgia Cancer Center Fund Cancer
GHSF 21646 Georgia Cancer Center Image Boutique Cancer
GHSF 21621 Georgia Cancer Center Library Cancer
GHSF 21645 Georgia Cancer Center Music Therapy Cancer
GHSF 210008 Hardy Wylie Glioblastoma Fund Cancer
GHSF 21649 Press On Translational Pediatric Oncology Program Cancer
GHSF 21627 Camp Joint Venture CHOG
GHSF 21625 Camp Strong Heart CHOG
GHSF 21626 Camp Sweet Life CHOG
GHSF 21607 Camps and Outings CHOG
GHSF 21609 Child Life CHOG
GHSF 21604 Children's Heart Program CHOG
GHSF 21608 Children's Hospital of Georgia CHOG
GHSF 21630 Children's Miracle Network CHOG
GHSF 21637 Kohl's Cares Community Fund CHOG
GHSF 21639 New Camp Fund CHOG
GHSF 21614 Pediatric Hematology / Oncology Renovation Fund CHOG
GHSF 21644 Ronald McDonald House Fund CHOG
GHSF 21622 Safe Kids CHOG
GHSF 21635 Share and Care Fund CHOG
AUF 29320 College of Education Discretionary COE
AUF 29321 Department of Advanced Studies & Innovation COE
AUF 29322 Department of Kinesiology COE
AUF 29317 Department of Teaching and Leading COE
AUF 39329 Donald B. Brigdon Education Endowed Scholarship Endowment COE
AUF 39330 Janice R. Roberts Middle School Education Endowment COE
AUF 29323 Literacy Program COE
AUF 39311 Lyle Smith Memorial Scholarship Endowment COE
AUF 39408 Albert M & Joyce E Shaw Scholarship Endowment CSM
AUF 29419 Biology Discretionary CSM
AUF 39410 Cameron Wylds Endowment CSM
AUF 29418 Chemistry Discretionary CSM
AUF 29415 Chemistry Scholarship Fund CSM
AUF 29420 College of Science and Mathematics Discretionary CSM
AUF 29423 College of Science and Mathematics Scholarship CSM
AUF 29417 Department of Mathematics Discretionary CSM
AUF 29422 Dustin Hayden Scholarship CSM
AUF 29421 Psychology Conference Fund CSM
AUF 29111 Psychology Discretionary CSM
GHSF 21212 Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program Fund DCG
GHSF 21238 CDM Business & Finance Office DCG
GHSF 21239 Center for Esthetic & Implant Dentistry DCG
GHSF 21231 Cervi Cusco Fund (Peru Dental Clinic) DCG
GHSF 21224 David R. Myers Student Dental Education DCG
GHSF 21222 Dental College of Georgia Alumni Association - Lifetime Fund DCG
GHSF 31220 Dental College of Georgia Alumni Association Lifetime DCG
GHSF 21201 Dental College of Georgia Building Imperative Fund DCG
GHSF 21200 Dental College of Georgia Dean's Expendable DCG
GHSF 21219 Dental College of Georgia Faculty Scholarship Fund DCG
GHSF 21206 Dental College of Georgia Gen Practice Residency DCG
GHSF 21205 Dental College of Georgia General Scholarships (Pierre Fauchard
Scholarship of Student Research)
GHSF 21216 Dental College of Georgia Oral Biology DCG
GHSF 21204 Dental College of Georgia Oral Surgery Exp. DCG
GHSF 21209 Dental Materials Section DCG
GHSF 21235 Dentists for Della DCG
GHSF 21202 Department of General Dentistry DCG
GHSF 21208 Department of Oral Health & Diagnostics Sciences DCG
GHSF 21210 Department of Oral Rehabilitation DCG
GHSF 21211 Department of Orthodontics DCG
GHSF 21213 Department of Pediatric Dentistry Fund DCG
GHSF 21214 Department of Periodontics DCG
GHSF 21215 Department of Prosthodontics Res DCG
GHSF 21225 Dr. Dolly Hearn Scholarship DCG
GHSF 21242 Dr. Don Spillers Family Scholarship DCG
GHSF 31229 Dr. George and Mrs. Betty Schuster Scholarship Endowment DCG
GHSF 31234 Dr. Jackie Weatherred Memorial Scholarship Endowment DCG
GHSF 312001 Dr. Joseph M. Greene, Jr. Memorial Lectureship Fund DCG
GHSF 21245 Drisko Children's Dental Services Fund DCG
GHSF 21207 Endodontics Department Expendable DCG
GHSF 21218 Give a Smile Program DCG
GHSF 21244 Jack W. Carter, DDS Orthodontic Lecture Series Expendable DCG
GHSF 31223 Jeannie Moran Scholar Endowment DCG
GHSF 21243 Kirk & Julie Kimmerling Dental Research & Resident Education DCG
GHSF 21217 Michael R. Carr DMD Scholarship Fund DCG
GHSF 21228 Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU) Scholarship Fund DCG
GHSF 21230 Periodontics Residency Patient Assistance DCG
GHSF 21237 Pioneer Research Award Oral Biology DCG
GHSF 31241 Thomas P. Hinman Educational Endowment Fund DCG
AUF 29710 Academic Advisement Center Discretionary General
GHSF 20034 Augusta University Alumni Association Fund General
GHSF 20033 Augusta University Employee Advisory Council General
AUF 29717 Augusta University Honors Discretionary General
GHSF 20032 Augusta University Presidential Scholarship Fund General
GHSF 20031 Augusta University Tree Fund General
AUF 28025 Auxiliary Services Discretionary General
AUF 29709 Career Center Discretionary General
AUF 39202 Center for Public Service - Immigration Studies Endowment General
AUF 29716 Center for Teaching General
AUF 29720 Center for Undergraduate Research (CURS) General
GHSF 20028 Child Care Center Expendable General
GHSF 20035 Confucius Institute General
AUF 29715 Conservatory Music Program General
GHSF 20016 Continuing Education Expendable General
AUF 29725 Counseling Center Discretionary General
GHSF 20014 CPFCC Center Patient & Family Care General
GHSF 217011 Cyber Institute Operations General
GHSF 21701 Cyber Outreach General
AUF 29722 Dean of Students Discretionary General
GHSF 20029 Diversity and Inclusion Expendable Fund General
AUF 29707 Division of Professional & Community Education Discretionary General
GHSF 21610 Emergency Assistance General
GHSF 20013 Environmental Health & Safety General
AUF 28011 Facilities Discretionary General
AUF 29719 Faculty Club General
AUF 297001 Faculty Senate General
GHSF 20011 GA War Veterans Nursing Home Expendable General
GHSF 20021 Greenblatt Library General
AUF 29201 Heritage Project General
GHSF 20012 Institutional Audit and Compliance General
AUF 29713 Institutional Effectiveness & Research Discretionary General
GHSF 20037 IPPH Programs and Community Initiatives General
GHSF 216003 Jaguar Miracle General
AUF 29724 Maxwell Performing Arts Theatre Discretionary General
GHSF 30024 MCG Faculty & Spouse Club Scholarship General
GHSF 20026 MCG Public Safety Fund General
AUF 29714 Military Veterans Outreach Center Discretionary General
AUF 29728 Minority Advising Program General
GHSF 20038 Office of Leadership Development General
AUF 38001 Pamplin Endowment General
GHSF 20019 Provost Expendable Fund General
AUF 29708 Reese Library Discretionary General
AUF 29726 Student Activities Discretionary General
AUF 297000 Student Emergency Fund General
AUF 29718 Study Abroad Discretionary General
GHSF 20018 Wellness Center General
GHSF 21501 Biostatistics Expendable Graduate School
GHSF 21502 Brann Alumni Scholarship Fund Graduate School
GHSF 21616 Breast Cancer Relief Foundation Mammogram Access Graduate School
GHSF 21500 Dean School Grad Studies Graduate School
GHSF 21643 Pediatric Outpatient Infusion Room Graduate School
AUF 39509 Cecil R Turner Memorial Scholarship Endowment HCOB
AUF 39517 Charles H D Williamson Endowment HCOB
AUF 39537 Harry L Howard Scholarship in Business Endowment HCOB
AUF 29531 Hull College of Business - GA Society of CPA's Discretionary HCOB
AUF 29529 Hull College of Business Discretionary HCOB
AUF 39514 Hull College of Business Endowment HCOB
AUF 29538 Hull College of Business Scholarship HCOB
AUF 39516 Knox School of Accountancy Endowment HCOB
AUF 39513 Management Information Systems (MIS) Endowment HCOB
AUF 29532 Phi Beta Lambda HCOB
AUF 39518 Phi Kappa Phi Endowment HCOB
AUF 39510 Russell Blanchard Endowment HCOB
GHSF 21623 AU Health System Family Support Fund Hosp/Clinic
GHSF 21600 AUHealth General Hosp/Clinic
GHSF 216005 AUMC Nursing Education Hosp/Clinic
GHSF 210011 Breast Cancer Education, Awareness, and Support Hosp/Clinic
GHSF 216006 Cardiology Hospital Operations Hosp/Clinic
GHSF 210007 Carlos and Marguerite Mason Trust Transplant Clinic Hosp/Clinic
GHSF 316002 Dean and Aileen Chinberg Childlife Endowment Fund Hosp/Clinic
GHSF 999 Dean and Aileen Chinberg Pediatric Cancer Research Hosp/Clinic
GHSF 21620 Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Patient Assistance Hosp/Clinic
GHSF 216001 Roosevelt Warm Springs Rehabilitation & Specialty Hospital Hosp/Clinic
GHSF 216004 Rural Hospital Task Force Hosp/Clinic
GHSF 31618 Sodomka Patient Family Center Care Education Endowment Hosp/Clinic
GHSF 21619 The Denise Tuten Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Fund Hosp/Clinic
GHSF 21078 ALS Program Medicine
GHSF 21197 Anesthesiology Medicine
GHSF 21173 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department Medicine
GHSF 21064 Breast Cancer Research Fund Medicine
GHSF 21146 Camp Rainbow Medicine
GHSF 31057 Candler County Hospital Physicians Scholarship End Medicine
GHSF 21132 Cardiology Department Medicine
GHSF 21181 Cardiovascular Pharmacology Medicine
GHSF 21046 Cardiovascular Research Medicine
GHSF 21107 Carol F. Meyer Allergy/Immunology Fellow Medicine
GHSF 21151 Cellular Biology & Anatomy Medicine
GHSF 21174 Center for Biotechnology & Genomic Medicine Medicine
GHSF 31063 Charles H. Wray Scholarship Endowment Medicine
GHSF 21183 Chester T. Stafford Allergy-Immunology Society Medicine
GHSF 21068 Class of 1982 Debbie Schmidt Memorial Scholarship Medicine
GHSF 21147 Cystic Fibrosis Center Medicine
GHSF 21074 Department of Surgery Resident and Fellowship Fund Medicine
GHSF 21097 Dr. John Scott Coleman Lecture Fund Medicine
GHSF 310006 Dr. Sam Singal Scholarship Endowment Medicine
GHSF 21176 Education Commons Building Fund Medicine
GHSF 21161 Emergency Medicine Chairman's Fund Medicine
GHSF 21124 Endocrinology Expendable Medicine
GHSF 21102 Experimental Medicine Expendable Medicine
GHSF 21149 Family Medicine Department Medicine
GHSF 31094 GAFP Joseph W. Tollison  M.D. Distinguished Chair in Family Medicine
GHSF 21125 Gastroenterology Medicine
GHSF 21144 Georgia Prevention Institute Medicine
GHSF 21157 Gynecologic Cancer Prevention Center Medicine
GHSF 31093 Hames Family Practice Endowment Medicine
GHSF 21127 Hematology/Oncology Medicine
GHSF 21192 HIV - Aids Program Support Medicine
GHSF 21071 Immuno Discovery Institute Fund Medicine
GHSF 21137 Institute of Molecular Medicine & Genetics Medicine
GHSF 21198 James and Jean Culver Vision Discovery Institute Medicine
GHSF 21189 James B. Hudson Nephrology Medicine
GHSF 31044 James F. and Jean W. Culver Vision Discovery Institute Medicine
GHSF 21062 Jerry J. Buccafusco Graduate Student Travel Medicine
GHSF 21184 John E. Moffitt Allergy-Immunology Support Medicine
GHSF 31109 Leila Denmark School Endowment Medicine
GHSF 21058 Let's Cure CP Cell Research Fund Medicine
GHSF 21414 Low Vision Fund Medicine
GHSF 21082 MCG Class of 1960 Student Research Medicine
GHSF 21100 MCG Dean's Innovation Fund Medicine
GHSF 21177 MCG Scholarship Fund Medicine
GHSF 21156 MCG Student's Health Clinic for the Homeless Medicine
GHSF 21052 Michael A. Edwards M.D. Research Medicine
GHSF 21129 Nephrology Expendable Medicine
GHSF 21114 Neurology Medicine
GHSF 21141 Neurology Alzheimer's Medicine
GHSF 21142 Neurology Epilepsy Medicine
GHSF 21140 Neurology Movement Disorders Medicine
GHSF 21139 Neurology Multiple Sclerosis Medicine
GHSF 21138 Neurology Stroke Program Medicine
GHSF 21077 Neuropsychology Research Medicine
GHSF 21153 Neurosurgery Medicine
GHSF 21155 Neurosurgery Resident Education Medicine
GHSF 21109 OB/GYN Department Medicine
GHSF 21042 Obesity Intervention Program Medicine
GHSF 31092 Ollie O. McGahee Jr., M.D. Professorship in Family Medicine Medicine
GHSF 21121 Ophthalmology Department Medicine
GHSF 21191 Orthopedic Spine Program Medicine
GHSF 21167 Orthopedic Surgery Exp Medicine
GHSF 21170 Otology Expendable Medicine
GHSF 21136 Pathology Department Medicine
GHSF 21087 Pediatric Chair Fund Medicine
GHSF 21145 Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Medicine
GHSF 21190 Pediatric Sickle Cell Medicine
GHSF 21118 Pediatric Surgery Medicine
GHSF 21113 Pediatrics Medicine
GHSF 21166 Pediatrics HIV Program Medicine
GHSF 210009 Peilan and Chingtao Fund for Retrotransposon Research Medicine
GHSF 21158 Physiology Department Medicine
GHSF 210001 Polatty Family Innovative Cancer Research Fund Medicine
GHSF 21168 Porubsky Resident Education Fund Medicine
GHSF 21178 Predictive Preventive Medicine Research Medicine
GHSF 21111 Psychiatry Department Medicine
GHSF 21165 Pulmonary Critical Care Fellowship Education Medicine
GHSF 21164 Pulmonary Vascular Disease Medicine
GHSF 21103 Radiology Department Medicine
GHSF 21048 Robert K. Yu Laboratory Fund Medicine
GHSF 21700 Simowitz Fund for Macular Degeneration Medicine
GHSF 21050 Skull Base Academic Fund Medicine
GHSF 210006 Sol J Hazan Charitable Gift Annuity Expendable Medicine
GHSF 210003 Stroke Research Fund Medicine
GHSF 21171 Terris Research Fund Medicine
GHSF 21066 The BCSN, Inc. Breast Cancer Research Fund Medicine
GHSF 21117 Translational Transplant Research Medicine
GHSF 21067 Urology General Fund Medicine
GHSF 21134 Vascular Biology Medicine
GHSF 21083 Wanda Harper Memorial Medicine
GHSF 31061 White Coat Scholarship Endowment Medicine
GHSF 21160 Wilderness Medicine Fund Medicine
GHSF 31086 Wiley S. Black M.D. & Judy Seitz Endowment Medicine
GHSF 31041 Williams-Jorman Academic Award Medicine
GHSF 21309 BioBehavioral Nursing Nursing
GHSF 31322 College of Nursing Alumni Association Lifetime Membership Nursing
GHSF 31305 College of Nursing AU Health Nursing Scholars Endowment (CNL Nursing
GHSF 31340 College of Nursing Class of 1972 Endowment Fund Nursing
GHSF 21300 College of Nursing Dean Expendable Nursing
AUF 29607 College of Nursing Discretionary Nursing
GHSF 21336 College of Nursing Global Health Trip Fund Nursing
GHSF 21351 College of Nursing-Athens Support Fund Nursing
GHSF 31335 Dr. Elizabeth "Betty" Farren Pond Scholarship Endowment Nursing
GHSF 31316 Dr. Lenette Burrell Nurse Educator Scholarship Endowment Nursing
GHSF 21344 Frances Price Scholarship Fund Nursing
GHSF 21349 Fuller Callaway Chair Fund Nursing
GHSF 21308 Good Samaritan Center Nursing
GHSF 21307 Healthy Grandparents Nursing
GHSF 31319 Helene Fuld Baccalaureate Nursing Student Endowment Nursing
GHSF 31339 Layman Family Scholarship Endowment Nursing
GHSF 21314 Lois & Lucy Lampkin Foundation Scholarship Nursing
GHSF 31328 Lore Rogers Memorial Scholarship Endowment Nursing
GHSF 313000 Marion, Cromer, Layman Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Scholarship Nursing
GHSF 31348 Mary E. Conway, Ph.D. Minority Scholarship Nursing
GHSF 21346 Miss Skelly's Support for Success Nursing
GHSF 21338 Neurology Department Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Fund Nursing
GHSF 21306 Nursing Anesthesia Fund Nursing
GHSF 21315 Nursing Student Scholarship Nursing
GHSF 21313 Nursing Student Toolbox Nursing
GHSF 31317 Otto & Marguerite Mertins Memorial Scholarship Endowment Nursing
GHSF 21311 Physiological & Technological Nursing Nursing
GHSF 31341 Ralph W and Harriet H McAfee Military Nursing Fund Nursing
GHSF 21321 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Careers in Nursing Nursing
GHSF 21342 Trailblazer Award Nursing
GHSF 31342 Trailblazer Award Endowment Nursing
AUF 381002 Arsenal Oak Scholarship Endowment Scholarships -
AUF 28133 Joseph Greene Scholarship Scholarships -
AUF 28127 Kristin Thompson Scholarship Scholarships -
AUF 28125 Marty Gibson Scholarship Scholarships -
AUF 28122 Ozella Jackson Book Scholarship Scholarships -
GHSF 30041 Ricardo Azziz Scholarship Scholarships - Gener
AUF 28129 Cathy Barner Scholarship Scholarships -
AUF 38104 Clay M Skelton Scholarship Endowment Scholarships -
AUF 38132 Helen Hendee Scholarship Endowment Scholarships -
AUF 38110 Oliver K Mixon Scholarship Endowment Scholarships -
AUF 190000 Greater University Fund Unrestricted
GHSF 100000 Greater University Fund Unrestricted

Please follow the instructions below to make a donation to specific AUF or GHSF fund.

Use the correct form below and select a gift designation of “Other”, please include the Fund ID in the space provided.

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