The Masters Degree in Teacher Leadership is a 36 credit hour graduate program leading to a Georgia S-5 (Service) field certificate. The Teacher Leadership program is a school leadership program intended for classroom teachers who seek greater responsibility and influence beyond their individual classrooms.

The program will provide the candidate with the knowledge and skills required for leadership roles from perspectives not usually afforded in traditional classroom teacher training programs. Candidates will be provided with curricular, pedagogical, organizational and leadership skills' enhancements needed to become effective teacher leaders.


Our program is based on this definition:

Teacher leaders are educators who use their expertise to improve student learning by working outside the classroom in formal and informal ways to augment the professional skills of colleagues, to strengthen the culture of the school, and to improve the quality of instruction.
— Council of Chief State School Officers, 2009

  • Our MEd in Teacher Leadership is an approved program.
  • The Performance-based GACE in Teacher Leadership is ready. Our completers can take the test and if they meet the qualifying score, the College of Education can recommend them for S-5.
  • Anyone who has completed an MEd degree program and meets other required criteria can enroll in the Teacher Leadership Certification-only Program.
  • Anyone who has completed an MEd degree in Teacher Leadership but has never taken the Teacher Leadership GACE can take the test. If the completer is successful on the test, then the College of Education can review the previously completed degree and recommend a conversion of the T-5 to an S-5 upon meeting any criteria based on recommendations from the review.


More info on GACE Leadership Assessment

All candidates completing state-approved Teacher Leadership Programs from Fall 2016 or later must pass the Teacher Leadership GACE to meet the assessment requirement of the certificate upgrade.

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Application Deadlines:

Fall: June 2

Spring: November 2

Summer: March 1

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