Tutoring Services

We provide free tutoring services to children from grades 1-12. We also encourage pre-K, K, and preschool children to attend our literacy plays! We also tutor adults seeking to earn their GED or improve their literacy skills. Contact the Literacy Center via phone to set up a tutoring time.

For children, tutoring is scheduled in one hour timeslots. Usually, the students will receive two hours of tutoring per week, on separate days. Tutoring is offered during the following timeslots; 4-5, 5-6, 6-7, and 7-8, on Monday through Thursday. For example, a child might receive tutoring 5-6 on Monday and 5-6 on Wednesday.

The brief registration process for children can be accomplished in person during normal tutoring hours Monday-Thursday. You may want to call before you visit in person, incase there is a waiting list. Our free services fill up fast, so you will want to contact us before the semester begins if at all possible. Call at 706-737-1625 to ask if there is a waiting list.

Tutoring Services We Provide:

  • Centered on reading & reading-related content
    • Math, science, social studies, language arts, & pre-GED prep
    • Including individual tutoring for students with special needs
  • Available for children, adolescents, & adults
  • Supervised by certified teachers
  • Located at the Augusta University Literacy Center*
  • Free of charge!