Mother Phonics Training

Mission Statement

The aim of Mother Phonics is to provide early learners with a fun and memorable way at becoming familiar with the English alphabet and blending sounds.

Executive Summary

The objective of the Mother Phonics inclusion is to provide readiness instruction for children under six years of age. Without readiness reading, children cannot progress in any curriculum area. The objective will be accomplished by implementing workshops for teachers, parents, children, and children. Puppets will be provided for teachers to utilize in the classroom setting. Workshops for the children will consist of various hands-on manipulative which will teach readiness skills. The program obtained significant improvement when implemented in learning centers across the southeastern region of the United States. The overview of this online training is to provide you, the teacher with a visual application of the material in efforts to integrate it into your teaching practices.

Objectives for Instructors

  • Provide a sample structure for presenting the material to younger learners
  • Implement various activities that can be utilized and built upon as the child's vocabulary expands
  • Create a stress-free environment for the facilitator to deliver daily lessons to the early learner

Instructional Materials

The instructional resource guide can be ordered as an e-book or in hardcopy form. Contact our offices at 706-737-1625 for further details.