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The Department of Advanced Studies and Innovation offers graduate programs (M.Ed., Ed.S., Ed.D.) in curriculum and instruction, counselor education (clinical mental health counseling and school counseling) and educational innovation (curriculum and leadership).  We also serve the college and university through our expertise in educational foundations and research. 

In the Department of Advanced Studies and Innovation (AS&I), we work with students who through advanced study are interested in becoming effectual educational leaders, researchers, and agents for change in areas such as curriculum and pedagogy, clinical mental health counseling, school counseling, gifted education, literacy education, educational foundations and research, educational innovation and more. Our AS&I faculty are leading the way in their research and teaching - and with our new Carnegie-inspired doctorate in educational innovation, we are building more ways for our students to contribute to the wise and just advancement of the communities in which they live. 

Our faculty and staff are committed to high impact practice within the context of a caring community, and produce innovative research that seeks to address matters related to mental health, intellectual growth, ethical development and social justice. Simply put, we are invested in developing good, decent, thoughtful people who can make our world a better—more beautiful, more humane—place in which to live.


The Department of Advanced Studies and Innovation is committed to scholarship, service, and teaching through which we provide: (1) an educational experience with the overriding objective of preparing graduate students to become effective and ethical educators and counselors; scholarly practitioners who thoughtfully, equitably and imaginatively respond to educational problems and realize new possibilities; and (2) a service program for all Augusta University students that encourages the practice of critical inquiry and sense of social responsibility within one's own life and work by providing educational opportunities for actively seeking to understand and address issues of oppression, privilege and power in society; and create and sustain socially just and equitable relations in the world.

The emphasis of the professional preparation program is on integrating scientific knowledge, pedagogical theory, skill acquisition, and application into a comprehensive educational experience. The educational program is conducted in an atmosphere that is open, concerned, and responsive to the needs of students and the community.

To accomplish this goal the Department collaborates with professional associations, local P-12 schools and other educational institutions, as well as area counseling and health service and community organizations. An additional emphasis of the Department of Advanced Studies and Innovation is to promote the life-long, creative commitment of Augusta University students to their own growth and well-being as well as to that of others through education that works toward creating a more just society and peaceful world. A student so educated has gained the knowledge and skill necessary for cultivating such optimal physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, interpersonal, social, and environmental wellness and transformative work.

Additionally, the Department strives to ensure that the missions of the College of Education and Augusta University are realized.


Our Programs

Master's Degrees

School Counseling

The MEd in Counseling with a concentration in School Counseling is designed to prepare candidates to become able and responsive counselors for students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade.

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Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The MEd in Counseling with a concentration in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is designed to prepare candidates to become able and responsive licensed and professional counselors in clinical and private practice settings.

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Specialist Degrees


The EdS in Counseling assists practicing counselors to develop greater expertise and leadership skills in their current counseling field and to gain knowledge and practice in the supervision of counselors.

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Curriculum & Instruction

The EdS in Curriculum & Instruction prepares experienced educators who hold a T-5 certificate or higher to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions to serve as curriculum specialists in their field; as well as to develop their research skills to conduct field research in the areas of curriculum, instruction and instructional program evaluation.

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Doctoral Degrees

Educational innovation

The EdD in Educational Innovation prepares scholarly practitioners to respond to evolving educational systems, to advocate for solutions to problems, and to foster innovation.

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