Specialists in Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology, Pathology and Oral Medicine 

Clinical Center for Oral Medicine

The Clinical Center for Oral Medicine accepts referrals for the diagnosis and management of problematic oral disease. Drs. Scott S. De Rossi and Ilanit Stern may be contacted at (706) 721-2922. For appointments, please contact (706) 721-2607 and select option 1. This service addresses non-restorative, but clinically significant programs with patients. These include complaints such as burning tongue, TMJ pain, myofacial pain and a variety of soft tissue lesions.

Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Services

Plain film tomographic imaging techniques are offered to practitioners for the assessment of the oral and maxillofacial region. Tomography is particularly useful for the evaluation of the temporomandibular joint, pre-surgical assessment of proposed dental implant sites, and as an aid in the diagnosis of pathosis. Clinicians will receive a written diagnostic report and the appropriate radiographs for all referrals.

-TMJ Evaluation
Tomography is one of the imaging modalities of choice for the assessment of the TMJ when disorders are not exclusively myofacial in origin. Frontal and axially corrected sagittal views can be used in the assessment of the condylar head and neck, the temporal components of the joint position of the condyle in the fossa and for translation of the condyle.

-Implant Site Assessment
Cross-sectional and lateral tomograms can be used to evaluate proposed implant sites in the maxilla and mandible. These images are an excellent aid in the treatment planning process and also provide important documentation for a patient's record. The facial-lingual anatomy, cortical thickness and proximity to vital anatomy structures can be visualized on these images. A clear tracing of the pertinent anatomical details will be provided to the clinician as an aid to interpretation.