Department of Restorative Sciences

Simulation Lab, Dental College of Georgia

As an integral unit of The Dental College of Georgia at the Augusta University, the Department of Restorative Sciences is committed to achieving academic excellence, providing optimal oral health care and actively engaging in research, scholarship and creative endeavors to meet the needs of the widely-dispersed and highly-diverse population of Georgia, the region and the nation.Preparing tomorrow's oral health care providers Restorative Sciences Department is comprised of the specialty areas in dentistry which concentrate primarily on rebuilding the oral structures into a healthy state by a combination of treatment planning and then the execution of the art and science of restorative dentistry.



The Department of Restorative Sciences is committed to delivering the finest oral health care possible by preparing tomorrow's providers, continuing to train today's practitioners, and participating in state-of-the art research projects.

As the largest clinical department in the Dental College of Georgia, the Restorative Sciences faculty is constantly improving didactic and clinical education for the dental students enrolled at the school. These students are the professionals of tomorrow and receive the most current and up-to-date education available. At both the dental student and post-doctoral levels of dental education, the department is striving to produce the consummate dental health care provider for tomorrow's health care needs.

The extensive background and expertise of the faculty and staff also provides excellence in continuing education to keep current dental practitioners on the cutting edge of dentistry.

The Restorative Sciences Department blends a strong program of bio-materials research from the Dental Materials Section with an outstanding clinical program. This partnership insures the Department of Restorative Sciences leads the way in innovation, technology, and education.

Chairman:  Kevin D. Plummer, DDS


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